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Obesity Epidemic in Over 50 Percent of Teenagers

By Sirius Burger Our children are getting larger, life expectancy is falling and medical problems historically for the over 40’s are affecting teenagers with growing regularity. With modern diet plans, many advise just carbohydrates, or just protein, or pills that make us physically reject fat in the digestive tract, giving rise to extreme reactions from […]

Building Better Relationships Through an Email Autoresponder

By Menno Spijkstra Getting an email auto responder has become a necessity for every internet marketer who is damn serious with pushing his online business forward. An autoresponder’s basic purpose is to provide an automated and ready-made email system for internet marketers to make easier follow-ups to people who had opted to subscribe for free […]

History of the High Five

By Dan Bimrose The high five is way past trend status. It is a part of our culture. While our youth, and certain Presidential candidates “pound” it, this may still be just a trend. The high five is forever. I think it should stay forever. There are a few reasons why I like the high […]

Love and Relationships

By Stanley Hyman Serious Love Relationships There are many reasons for getting into a serious love relationship (marriage). I think most would agree that humans need and want love and companionship. Choosing a partner to fulfill that need over the long haul however can be tricky. Strong chemistry between a man and a woman is […]

Power Prayers Straight From the Heart Perfect Gift For One and All

By Larry Icabandi Nabiong Prayer works! With our ardent hope to do great things — or doing extraordinary things from ordinary ones– through His guidance and all, prayer serves as our open line of communication with God. There are varied reasons why we need to communicate with God: in times of our confusions, trials, and […]

Novels Workshop Not a Devils Workshop

By Man Singh Many inventions have been made by many scientists like Earth Gravity by Newton, pulse in plants by J.C. Bose, Raman spectroscopy by Raman, viscometer by Ostwald, wireless communication by Marconi and Nikola Tesla in year 1943. Similarly an invention of a telephone by both Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell In year […]

Best Article Marketing Discover 4 Methods For Expanding Your Online Article Marketing

By Ian Jackson Are you finding it tough to build an online marketing business because you simply don’t have the necessary finances or funding you need to advertise? Worry not. Nowadays, there’s an easier route open to you that’s absolutely free. Anyone can promote their products by online article marketing. It is one of the […]

How to Write a Memoir Outline

By Trevor Johnson Are you wondering how to write a memoir outline? So many people try their hand at writing a memoir each year, yet so few actually complete their project. Part of this has to do with the “hobby” aspect of writing. For many people, writing simply fills in their days, and once they […]

Relationship Programs Where Can I Find the Best Ones?

By Gary Gregory The relationship and dating arena is one of the most searched for topics on the internet and off. Often times people are left wondering, “what the heck have I gotten myself into?”, when searching for good relationship advice and/or programs to help them in their time of need. As the owner of […]

Internet Answering Services Can Rev Up Your Business Engine

By Towanda Showers You might ask yourself, What is the advantage to having your telephone answered through an Internet connection? If your main telephone line is busy when another call comes in, the internet answering service system can forward the call to a toll free number. The caller will hear a beeping signal then be […]