Yummy Budget Vegetable Soup

By Carol Stanley

Today we live in troubled times, and most of us are worried about how we will survive if this or that happens. We are eagerly trying to save some dollars and curb our spending. This recipe is a favorite of ours, and I have been making it for years substituting this or that. It will serve two people at least four dinners. There will be no soup lines as we have our very own budget soup for boomers.It is a large pot of soup, and it tastes better everyday. Instead of using canned beans I often soak fresh ones to save more money and eliminate preservatives or extras that do come in a can. It contains mostly every vitamin you need for good health. It is also very low calorie so excellent for dieters. So here is to healthy and nutritious eating!


Two cups of the following: Chopped Kale Small Carrots Celery Zucchini Onions Cabbage One large can chopped tomatoes One cup chopped parsley 1.5 Pounds chuck roast chopped or six chicken thighs (opt) Three cans black or white beans One cup brown rice

Seasonings: One TBSP garlic powder

Two TBSP rosemary, turmeric, basil, oregano One TBSP Cheyenne pepper (opt) salt and pepper to taste

Two TBSP of olive oil

Fill your largest soup pot ¾ full of water. Bring to a boil. Add meat or chicken and cook for approx 45 minutes. When the soup starts to boil turn it down to simmer. Add all vegetables along with tomatoes, beans (be sure to drain before adding. Cook for one hour and add all seasonings. brown rice…Cook for approx ½ hour. Veggies should be tender and rice cooked thoroughly. When serving sprinkle a little parmesan cheese over soup…

There is enough soup for four dinners for two plus three lunches for two.

This soup freezes very well. Put in small containers and thaw and warm up.

Cost of soup: Approx. $15.00-$18.00

My book “For Kids 59.99 and Over” My passion in life is to stay healthy, eat well and have a lot of energy..Looking good is also on the list… http://www.carolstanley1.com

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