Skateboarding For Professionals Starting With the Right Gear

By John Pauls

Having the perfect skateboard set up is only part of the equation for someone that rides on one professionally. Having the right gear is the other half of making it all come together. Even though these professionals make it seem so easy, there are still at a risk for injuries to occur. Protecting their bodies is a key aspect to being responsible while on a skateboard.

Protecting the head is one of the most essential pieces of gear for a professional skateboarder to have. It needs to fit very well on the front, back, and sides of the head. Additional padding inside can help prevent them from getting sweaty or uncomfortable in there. They need to be using a multiple impact helmet as well. That way they can perform all of their stunts and tricks with the highest level of protection.

The back of the head needs to be covered as well as the front with a skateboarding helmet. Many of them have the technology to absorb energy so even with a serious fall there isn’t going to be that much of a risk of injury. Having such a piece of safety equipment on can mean the difference between getting up after a fall and not being able to do so.

Pads for the elbows and the knees are very important as well. They can help protect them from serious injuries. Professional skateboarders realize that if they are hurt they won’t be able to compete. Therefore they take every effort to minimize the impact should they not perform their stunts with 100% perfection. Some of them will also wear an ankle brace if it is deemed necessary for them to have additional support.

There are plenty of suits too that professional skateboarders may way. These help to absorb energy and to keep them safe. They come in a variety of colors and designs too which can become a signature for them when they are competing. Their fans will quickly come to recognize certain professionals based upon what they are wearing.

The shoes that a professional skater wear also help them to complete their skills effectively. They must be a good fit with plenty of grip on them. You will find that such professionals even wear certain types of socks in order to maintain the comfort level within their shoes. All of these aspects of their gear come together in order to help them do their very best.

Professional skateboarders are often able to have the right gear for free or a very low price. Since manufactures and promoters know there will be plenty of people in awe of them, they want them to wear their products. That way other people wishing to follow in their footsteps will be very likely to buy it as well. A very common marketing ploy is to get professional skateboarders to endorse such gear. It helps the sales of such items to soar when that professional is doing very well out there with this particular sport.

You will also find that professional skaters continue to change the types of gear that they wear. It is often due to something new and more advanced being offered. In this type of sport, there is plenty of stiff competition. Therefore they need to have every advantage they can get. It may not seem as if their gear could make that much of a difference but all of the professional skateboarders will tell you that it does. They must be comfortable in order to perform well. At the same they have to be safe enough for them to continue attempting more difficult tricks to gain the points to take the lead in the competitions that they enter.

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