Business Opportunity Leads Good Advice If You Are Doing SEO!

By Jim Eberle

Are you looking at implementing SEO to garnish traffic in the way of business opportunity leads to your web site?

If you are, I can tell you this…

You need a plan.

When I say “plan”, I am not talking about your design and implementation. I am talking about a “working” plan.

What should you be doing once you are all set up and optimized for SEO?

I have been doing SEO (search engine optimization) for over two years now. It (like everything else) can have a fairly large learning curve.

The more time you spend employing it though, (just like everything else) you start noticing the little nuances of it. You begin noticing what works and what does not. Eventually you notice what works the best!

Okay. What does work the best in getting our web site to the top of the search engine ranking pages within the shortest amount of time? In a nutshell…


In my opinion, here is what you should focus on. Whatever you are doing in your SEO campaign…

Be consistent with it!

If you are writing articles to obtain backlinks and get visitors to your site every other day…

You should keep doing that every other day.

If you are commenting on other web sites blogs to gather backlinks…You should be consistent with it. Search engines like steadiness. They look at a steady flow of activity as normal. They tend to look at “most” large bursts of links or activity as spam.

No matter what… Be consistent! You especially want to be consistent with this…

Posting on your blog!

Posting new content on your web site is inviting search engines to come query the pages on your site. The more often you do this, the more often they will be there. That is a good thing if you have search engines visiting your site often!

What if you post every day and then stop for 4 or 5 days? Google will stop by and not detect any changes. They will be later in getting back and if once they get back to your site, if they see nothing has changed, it will be much longer before they come back again!

You do not want that to happen! You need to be consistent with everything you do!

I can tell you this.

If you are consistent, you will overtake other peoples’ sites that have been around much longer and have hundreds if not thousands of backlinks over you!!

Interested in a business opportunity in which we as a team already have high positions for highly sought after keywords?

A business opportunity in which we are all members of a co-op that work together and share in the success?

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