Home Surveillance Video Top 5 Reasons Why a Camera System is Installed

By Nat Fields

Home surveillance video has drastically increased in popularity in the last decade. Before, these video systems were only installed in banks, large companies, stores and mansions that could easily afford it. Because of the price drop and significant technological improvements, surveillance videos are now available for people like you and me.

There are several different reasons why people by such a system. I have made a list of the most common reasons here.

1) Deter burglars

Cameras, even the fake ones, work great as a burglar repellent. Most burglars who notice you have a video system installed around the house will think twice before entering. They will much rather break into the neighbors’ house that doesn’t have such a system.

2) Catch and convict thieves

Video images will help the police catch the thief. Better yet, these images are allowed to be used in court as evidence. So even if the police cannot come up with any evidence, the video alone is enough to put the thief in jail and give you a sense of justice. Even if the burglar wears a mask, certain specifics about this person, like clothes, height, weight,… can still be helpful in solving the crime.

3) Feeling of safety

A lot of people buy a home surveillance video system to feel safer. Even if the neighborhood they live in isn’t all that bad. Knowing there are cameras in and around the house helps a lot of people sleep sound at night.

4) Catch vandals

Vandalism is a crime that can be very frustrating for the victims. Quite often, the act of vandalism is repeated as soon as the victim has repaired the damage. Leading to even more frustration. Vandalism can range from knocking down mailboxes, spraying graffiti, scratching vehicles, vandalizing plants and trees, dropping junk and not so fragrant presents in a mailbox or on the driveway. Most of these acts only take a few seconds, making it extremely unlikely that the vandal will be caught red handed by you or someone walking by.

5) Keep an eye on house personnel

The most well known for this is the so called ‘nanny cam’. This started out as a bear with a camera hidden inside it that records everything that happens in the room it’s in. These days, cameras are so tiny you can literally hide them everywhere, from a clock to a vase. Lately, they aren’t only used to make sure the babysitter is taking good care of the children. They are also used to keep an eye on gardeners, maids and workmen performing the odd job in or around the house.

With the low prices, small size and the possibility to view what the camera is recording online or even on your cell phone, home surveillance video systems will continue to gain popularity. Click here to see how a video system, or lack thereof, can change your life forever.

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