Credit Fraud and Online Shopping

By Pauline Go

Online shopping is the most convenient option for several people to shop even for basic things. Also you get better deals online. However, it also has put your profile at an increased risk. Online profile theft has become very common thing on the Internet. Every place that offers you shopping options requires you to sign up with them. Once you sign up, you are revealing your personal information to them. To identify who is genuine and who is not is a very difficult task online.

However, you can make your online shopping experience a safer one by following some simple rules. Follow simple rules like restrict the number of stores you shop with online. Do not save your profile everywhere and always use different cards if possible. Never save your bank account information with any online company. Also stick to popular retailers and dealers. Never shop by clicking a link and always do so by going to the website first.

Most people fear credit fraud, identity theft, credit card theft, spyware and spam problems when they shop online. There is an increasing incident of data theft that different companies are facing. All these put the consumer at higher risk than the company. It is the consumer’s financial information that is being exposed to all and sundry.

Also, when compared to the brick and mortar stores, the Internet has very few benefits safety wise. The credit card or debit card information is safe when you shop personally in stores and also you do not have to give out any sort of personal information.

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