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Kodak POCs Versatility

By Jonathan Blocker The Kodak POC, or Point of Care, offers the busy physician what they need to capture and view computed radiography images in a small clinic or mobile environment. Even the smallest Kodak POC system, the Point of Care 120, offers a variety of useful features so that it will provide you with […]

Make Your Triathlon Bike Faster in 3 Easy Steps

By Winston Endall The biggest thing you can do to improve your triathlons is improve your bike split, as this is the longest part of the race. The easiest way to go faster on your bike is decrease your aerodynamic drag. When riding on level terrain above 27 km/h, 90 percent of the resistance you […]

STOP! 3 Radical Article Marketing Techniques For People SICK of Not Getting Traffic!

By Alexa Ross Who else is sick and tired of NOT succeeding with article marketing? If you are anything like the vast majority of people reading this right now, the simple truth is that you are probably NOT doing very well with the content creation strategy you’ve got in place, right? And no matter how […]

How Many New Businesses Will Be Started in 2010?

By Jeff Schuman Things do not appear to be improving in the job market so far this year. People are just plain having a hard time finding a job. This has got me thinking about how many people will start a new business in 2010 and the opportunities it presents. I saw a couple on […]

Make Aging Face Look Younger By Using All Natural Compounds

By Gordon P Hall Do you know what specific ingredients you need to look for in order to make aging face look younger? The truth is that most consumers don’t have any idea what it is they need in order to be successful in attaining younger looking skin. Very often consumers simply go by what […]

2 Simple Yet Powerful Methods to Get Back at Your Ex and Win Your Ex Back

By Joe Koh Are you feeling confused, shocked and angry over the break up because you can’t figure out why your ex left you? You could plan an ingenious “get back at your ex” strategy so that he or she would understand the pain you are going through, but is this really the best step […]

Beware of Fake IRS Email

By Virginia Thomas Millions of people use their computers for shopping, playing games, playing the stock market and just making money with online stores. Because we use technology so much there are people out there lurking trying to steal your identity, clean out your bank accounts and max out your credit cards. Someone with nothing […]

Easily Spot Roof Problems

By Jes B Roofing problems on the whole are uncommon, but you should still consider this an area of concern. The primary thing you should look for are telltale signs of roof leakage. Roof leakage is usually happens as a result of missing or damaged shingles or improperly installed flashing. Here are some simple steps […]

The Role of Uninterrupted Power Supply and UPS Maintenance

By David D Sprake Okay, so you want to have an uninterrupted power supply or UPS system. That is great. Many people feel the way you do, upgrading their home and office computers by getting equipment that can give it the power it needs, come hell, high water and brownouts. But before you buy from […]

All About the Features of the PSP Go

By Rich Thorp The latest incarnation of Sony’s video game portables is the PSP Go, revealed in the autumn of 2009 at the E3 gaming expo. The PSP Go features are significantly different to older models in the line, and come together to offer a stylish and practical alternative to the regular series. The first, […]