A Brief History of Saunas

By Amy Klein

Do you have any idea how stressed people around the world are? Well, these figures might help you out – 800 million dollars get spent in anti-anxiety pills worldwide every year. 30% of that amount is the consumption of the United States. That just shows how stress can be a big factor for so many individuals all over the world.

Don’t fret though, because stress is manageable. You just need to find the activities that will free you from stress. For some it could be eating out, taking a walk or a conversation with friends. For others, relieving stress means a relaxing time in the sauna. That may be just what you need. Let’s face it: stress is unavoidable and anyone could be vulnerable to it. But an invigorating sauna session could help you unload

Saunas began in Finland many years back. These Finnish saunas are what we call as smoke saunas these days. The very first saunas could be described as stones heated in a fireplace, producing steam that induces relaxation.

It was during the time of the industrial revolution that saunas developed further. It was then that metal woodstoves were used for the first time. With a chimney attached to it, metal woodstoves emit heat that can reach up to 80 degree-Celsius.

Even if the modern-day saunas are already very different than the conventional ones way back, the modification didn’t change the fact that saunas give people various health benefits. That is why this industry continues to make innovations in the quality and technology of sauna equipments. For instance, the new concept of using infrared heat in saunas is making waves among the enthusiasts of this relaxing activity. Infrared saunas are quickly gaining popularity because of its state-of-the-art specifications that the traditional sauna types don’t have.

Written by Dion Amy Klein. Find the latest info on saunas as well as infrared saunas

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