Article Writing Skills How to Become a Better Writer

By Sean R Mize

1. Learn from the experts. Exert conscious effort and continuously increase your knowledge in this field. Aside from reading relevant useful resources, it will also dramatically help if you learn from people who have already excelled in this endeavor. Great writers have the needed skills, experience, and relevant background that can help you speed up the learning process.

2. Observe. Make time to read the most popular articles in the online arena today. Carefully observe how they were written. List down the writing techniques that were used and other elements that make them stand out from the crowd. You can use your observations once you start tapping on your keyboard. This is one way to make sure that your articles will get the same kind of attention once you publish them online.

3. Give your readers what they want. You’ll become a successful writer if you constantly put your readers on top of your priority list. Know and understand their needs and demands. Then, offer them exactly what they’re looking for. Share with them your in-depth knowledge and let them in on your secrets. By doing these, you can easily impress and convince them that you’re really an expert. Also, write using their language and those terms that they’re used to so you can easily get through to these people.

4. Hone your writing skills. Don’t stop improving on your craft so you can stay on top of your game. Write as often as you can, ask feedback from neutral third parties, and attend relevant writing seminars to patch up the rough edges of your writing.

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