Discover the Easy Steps on How to Flirt With Girls

By Simon Kendal

Knowing the right way to flirt with girls is not something a lot of guys are not familiar with. There are still lots of guys out there who are struggling when it comes to flirting girls. If you still have lots of questions in mind, then here are some tips that might help you in flirting with girls. Naturally, you feel reluctant at first because you are afraid to be rejected. What if the girl gets annoyed and will ignore you? To give you effective tips in flirting with girls, check the list below.

First, approach her and talk to her just like having an ordinary conversation. Ask for her name politely. This is an effective ice breaker and the best way to start a conversation. Create some funny stories for her to feel comfortable and safe being with you. In your conversation never fail to mention her name in a very soft voice because for girls there is no sweeter sounding music than hearing their name fresh from the lips of a guy.

Second, look at her straight in her eyes. This look will give her an emotion that only she can explain. Remember that eyes are the windows of the soul. She can probably tell that you are flirting with her. Suggestive look is really effective. You can show your intentions by just looking straight to her eyes. This could be the beginning of her feeling towards you.

Third, while you both enjoy the funny and joyful conversation, start making a move to touch her hands or her shoulders. Physical touch is one way of flirting. To let her feel that you want to flirt with her, you should have a skin to skin attachment. Physical touch can make things fast and easy especially if you are both attracted to each other. So that she will not think that you disrespected her, simple body language like holding hands or other simple touches will do. As most people say, touching someone suggests more meaning and sweeter than any uttered word.

Lastly, from simple touches, try to make bolder moves. Make some ways to get her closer to you. Always make her feel relaxed and at ease with you. Be transparent enough of your main goal and do not make her guess all the time. Do not let her go of your touch if you have started already. Continue doing it for the situation not to be interrupted.

A simple touch you made to a girl will really bring her great intensity of sexual feeling. It brings different feeling to them which can lead to attraction and turn to love.

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Simon Kendal is a master pick up artist who has been studying the art of attracting women. He shows men proven methods to get any girl at any given time.

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