Freddy Krueger The Nightmare Continues

By Todd Denning

Ready to reboot the slasher franchise, a remake of Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street was released on April 30, 2010 to fans of the horror film genre. The plot, basically the same as the 1984 original, revolves around a group of teenagers that are being stalked by the serial-killer villain, Freddy Krueger. Disfigured heinously be a fire as the result of his evil crimes, this burned bad guy hunts down the kids from the community that spurned him by getting into their dreams. Since horror costumes are always a hit at Halloween, Freddy Krueger costumes are sure to make the proverbial killing this upcoming season.

Halloween costumes based on this villain from Nightmare on Elm Street have been popular for the last 25+ years and are available in styles to fit men, women, teens and children. Freddy Krueger has a horrifyingly memorable look, from the red-and-green striped sweater to his signature fedora, but perhaps the most memorable parts of the Freddy costume are his hideous face and gloves.

Jackie Earle Haley, the actor that plays Freddy Krueger in the remake, underwent quite a bit of time in the makeup chair each day preparing for his role – up to 4 hours a day. Wearing encumbering prosthetics designed to look like a real burn victim, CGI technology was also used post-filming to create some of the more awful special effects such as the open wound on his face. In conjunction with the makeup and computer effects, contact lenses designed to look cloudy and bloody were also worn and gave him partial blindness (for the film only, of course).

Folks who want to dress as Freddy Krueger for Halloween, of course can’t typically retain their own expensive Hollywood makeup artists and computer whizzes. But, never fear (or do fear), because most Freddy costumes come with a latex mask that depicts all his gruesome glory. Instead of a costume mask, face paints and special wound kits can be used to recreate the look of burns.

In addition to his burned face, Freddy Krueger also suffered burns along his hands while being set on fire by an angry mob. To carry out his evil intentions, a pair of clawed gloves is always worn over his nubby fingers. Every Freddy Krueger Halloween costume must have the signature gloves to complete the look. Some Freddy costumes come with basic plastic gloves, but fans who want to get the “sharp” look can purchase replica Freddy Krueger gloves made of leather and metal, much more like the real weapons this evil guy wore on his hands.

Todd Denning
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