Liposuction Tips and Information

By Scott Paul

Does it seem that no matter what diet you have tried or which exercise regimen you are currently using, there are just some pockets of fat that will not go away? Many people who have this problem turn to surgical lipoplasty to have these areas removed. However, now there is a noninvasive procedure that uses the Lipotron to do the same thing. The Lipotron is an R.F. (Radio Frequency) system that performs a totally non-invasive fat removal procedure, which includes no downtime, fatigue, maintenance or side effects.

A good candidate for the Lipotron procedure may be someone who has tried exercise programs and diets, but still has certain problem areas where excess fat remains. These areas may include hips and thighs, buttocks, abdomen, waist, upper arms, inner knees, jowls, or cheeks. He may also be someone who does not want to go under the surgeon’s scalpel for an invasive liposuction surgery. He might also be someone who is an obesity patient with a very high weight range, such as someone with a BMI over 30. Good candidates for the Lipotron procedure may also be patients who have undergone the traditional liposuction surgery but need maintenance.

The Lipotron procedure shows some results from the first treatment, but usually requires multiple treatments. Excellent results are visible by the fifth or sixth treatment. Eight sessions are frequently required to treat areas of the body, while six treatments are generally sufficient to treat the face. This noninvasive treatment safely tightens skin, reduces cellulite, and re-contours the body and face.

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