Proper Save the Date Magnet Uses

By James Loram

One of the best ways to let your special people know of a special upcoming event is by using save the date magnets. For those of you who have no clue what I am getting at, these magnets are shipped in lieu of the traditional save the date card, which is usually put up on the fridge by some kind of magnet anyhow!

Some families send off these magnets as a way to communicate to folks that the date for a very special celebration has been set and that it is very crucial that they save this particular date. Take note these save the date magnets are not usually used in place of the formal wedding invite, but simply for making sure the most important people in your life know about your event right away. Also they are outstanding for reminding your peeps about your event throughout the days leading up to it.

The most popular use of the save the date magnet is for when you’re getting married. Weddings don’t come once every year for us like birthdays-we’d go broke if they did-so it is important to get the date set and the information out to your party peeps right now. It is a once in a lifetime event (or should be) and it would be terrible if a favorite invitee made plans for Maui because they didn’t know you were getting married the same weekend! Of course, one option would be to have them come to your wedding and then they let you have their vacation for your honeymoon! Getting back to the real world, printing up the formal invitations and cards can take forever, especially if you worry about how they turn out and the actual response from your guests. So the best thing to do is make some save the date magnets and ship them off ASAP. When your invitees receive them, most likely they will go on their fridge and they will see it very frequently. They will be sure to make it to your wedding now! Eventually you can send off your actual invitations, and even write that on the save the date magnet: “Formal Invitation To Follow.”

Another cool use for these magnets is for special birthdays (20, 30, 40, 50, etc.). Typically, they can serve as the actual invitation as a way to save. Just remember to put your response phone number and/or email in the RSVP. You could say, “Please RSVP to 555-5555 or “party @” or we will skip the entire party!” would possible have an impact in making sure people actually respond!

Finally, these save the date magnets can be used for just about any special event you have on its way. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t work for a Bar-Mitsfah, a sweet 16, a retirement, an anniversary, and so on and so forth. And since there are so many designs and styles to choose from, you should have no bother finding exactly what works with your particular celebration!

If you theme it right and get them out promptly, your soon to be invited people will end up telling you how adorable your save the date magnets are. And you’ll be able to be very proud of your very first step in your long journey of getting the show on the road. Have a good time coming up with them. Just remember to make your save the date magnets fit with your personal appeal!

James is a southern California DJ/MC/Host and Wedding Planner and loves helping his clients with their wedding planning and wedding music. He can be found at Saved The Date Magnets, or at Last Dance entertainment.

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