The Agents Management Support Team For Actors

By Melody Jackson

The Agents Management support team for actors consists of four key elements. You, your acting coach, agent or manager and a Hollywood Marketing Service that will help cultivate and promote your best asset, you. The mixture of all these key ingredients is a collaborative effort between each of them and you the actor. These professionals are your personal support group that you have handpicked to help move your acting career into high gear.

It isn’t enough to dream of being a working actor. To make the dream a reality takes a lot of hard work and dedication, passion, desire and quite a bit of patience and perseverance. As an actor you need people around you that are genuine. Who will help you strengthen your resolve and empower you to keep plugging away in Hollywood. Because choosing to be a working actor in television and films takes a firm and solid foundation.

And just how do you get that firm and solid foundation? The answer is simple, by taking the lead role in your own marketing campaign. Basically you are the boss of your talent agents management support team. You call the shots. You have hand selected the talented individuals who will support you and aid you in your acting endeavor. These people you have chosen to play opposite you, offer you their professional advice and expertise. But remember as an actor and the team lead you have the ultimate say on how you want your acting career to evolve.

As an actor you already know what your job is and that is to land the part. In order to do that you must get the auditions for acting. As your agents management support team each of the following key players has a critical role for you as an actor.

Your acting coach helps you to strengthen your acting technique finding the method that works best for you. An acting teacher doesn’t just teach the art of acting. They help you to deepen your understanding of character study revealing the motivation behind each of your character’s choices. An acting coach helps you learn to apply the craft of acting with a broader more personal approach. The art of acting is having the ability to step inside a character and make that character unique. Your acting coach can help enable you to unlock the door of your characters mind so you can climb inside his head.

The purpose of a talent agent or manager is to get your foot in the door of Hollywood and to get you the auditions for acting. Their job is to send your headshot and resume out to every casting director possible so you can be seen. Auditions for acting, is what it’s all about. The more auditions for acting you go on the more parts you will get. Having a good working relationship with your talent agent and manager is important. Be open with them. And trust their judgment.

Hollywood is all about networking. It’s all about who you know. Having a Hollywood Marketing Service on your support team can be a crucial element. They can offer you a wide range of expertise helping in the development of your career. With a guiding hand they can help boost your career. Helping you find an agent or manager and get your headshot and resume out to casting directors. They can help get you noticed.

As an actor you want to build a strong agents management support team to work closely with you. These are “your peeps.” The individuals who will help make your dream a reality. And the ones who will help make the path to stardom an easier and more pleasant journey.

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