Break Up and Goodbye How Should I Break Up and Say Goodbye to My Partner?

By Toby Hardwick

There is no template in breaking up. There are no guides, and there are no rules. However, there is a proper way to say that it is over. When I say proper, it is a way to avoid making the scenario much more painful and much uglier. Hence, allow me to answer the question “How should I break-up and say goodbye to my partner?”

It is not at all easy to say goodbye. Mostly, the separation becomes difficult if you would bid farewell to a person whom you love. So, give your partner a little consideration. They need to know the reasons why you are breaking-up. You should tell them the truth. They deserve to hear the reality.

Do not say goodbye through SMS. Consequently, do not do it over the phone. You should send your goodbye letter via e-mail, and do not post your break-up line on any social network. Your partner deserves respect as much as you do. Therefore, you have to prepare for the break-up.

Find a quiet place where you can talk properly. Do not go for a crowded restaurant as you might not hear each other. Also, your partner might cry, so do not go for a place where they might be embarrassed. Another don’t is choosing a place where you have had some happy memories. This might make it more difficult.

Make sure that you are firm with your decision. If the relationship is dragging you down, and you no longer feel love towards your partner, you have to stick with your objective. If your partner suggests that you work it out, you have the right to say no. Do not be impulsive and be carried away by pity. At this moment, you have to be objective.

When you are breaking-up, do not just blame everything to your partner. Tell them that the relationship is no longer working for you. Make sure that you include “you” and “me” on your explanation. A relationship is a two-way street. Therefore, if you just put the blame solely on your partner, it suggests that there was no relationship after all. It was just your partner who is in charge.

It might be that your partner might get violent from the pain. If they start to hurt you, distance yourself or ask for help. Anger would most likely surface but that does not mean that you have to receive the punches that they are throwing. If you are being physically hurt, you have all the right to leave.

After the official break-up, you must have rules. You have to agree that you would not talk to each other for a certain time. Abiding by the rules makes the moving on process a lot easier for both parties. The no talking rules include e-mail and SMS. Hence, you must not have any kind of communication.

You may also go for gradual separation. Say, you may talk twice a week. However, the context of your conversation should not include reconciliation. Being back in each other’s arms would not do you good. Give yourselves ample time of being away from each other. In this manner, you can reflect and spend some time with your family and self.

To bid goodbye is never a joy. Hence, you should not expect things would just work out fine. Allow yourself to experience the pain and do not give them the lame excuse of “It’s not you, It’s me”. Again, relationship is a partnership. So, don’t put the blame solely on one side.

I hope I was able to enlighten you on how you should break-up and say goodbye to your partner.

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