Employee Birthday Cards Show Your Staff Appreciation

By David Patullo

Working for companies can end up being a bit impersonal at times and a great way to help avoid this feeling is sending out birthday cards to the employees. I worked for a business that had hired a new guy and he thought it would be a great idea to have the president of this company to send all the employees a birthday card every year. So the president scheduled a day each month to sit down and sign every birthday card for the upcoming month for his employees. This was working out with a lot of good feed back and appreciation so they decided to take it one further step. They made the effort to find something out about every employee so they could actually personal the message or notes in the employee’s birthday card. This did great for the overall morale of this company. Lifted the employee’s spirits and created a feeling of appreciation within and team work. Just because the president of their company was sending them a personalized employee birthday card.

You can use any cards for giving the employer birthday greeting cards to employees. You can purchase them at the local store or create specialized ones and have the company logo embossed on the card. You can order these cards online or in your local stationary or office store. They can be ordered in bulk as well to save you time and money.

Let’s turn the page and look on the flip side now. You could turn the table and send the employer birthday card to your boss. He or she is just like you, and they appreciate the acknowledgment as well. After all they are the ones that pay your salary too and should have their special day celebrated too. Now you might think of this as brown nosing, but it is not, a employer birthday greeting card is a nice jester and is uplifting and a nice investment in your own future. Make sure you don’t pick on that has insulting remarks or off color in any insensitive way. Although they might enjoy the funny birthday greeting just like the rest of us.

It is a good idea to either give the boss an individual greeting card or one from the group. If you sign anything other than just your name, making sure it’s in good taste and not inappropriate. You don’t want other people seeing something nasty or anything that you wrote and talking about you in the lunch room about how insensitive you were in signing the card that way. This will not win you any brownie points with them or the boss.

When and where should you present your employer their birthday greeting? You could leave it on the desk when they are out of the office or you could put it in their mail slot. If you are doing a group card you could designate someone to give it to them at the lunch break or call a quick gathering in the conference room and give them the card.

I worked for another place that went a step farther, we had birthday cake once a month to celebrate everyone’s birthday that was that month. Along with a card for each employee who was celebrating their special day. This would be a great time to give your boss his or her card that month as well.

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