Foil Business Cards An Awesome Idea

By Alan Saltz

Foil business cards are a very attractive option for anyone who wants their business card to stand out.

What’s more, now that foil is available in a variety of colors in addition to standard gold and silver — the opportunity for eye-popping, attention grabbing visuals is even greater.

Unlike some other add-ons, foil stamping is an attractive option that’s available to everyone. That includes non design types. That’s because it can be applied to virtually any element on the card — even text for example, so graphic design skills are not necessarily needed.

Naturally, foil business cards are a cool, unique and attractive compared to standard business cards. They portray a sense of class and style that image-minded businesses and individuals really like.

Since real metal foil is applied to the card, those elements maintain a shiny reflective look compared to the rest. The effect can be as simple or as detailed as you desire/

Foil stamping is a great way to make your business card stand out from the pack. People look at them longer and remember them better. As with any interesting card, the more unique it is, the more likely your friends, associates and customers are to share or show it to others – thereby building your brand and possibly earning you referrals.

For anyone who considers this medium to be one of their primary marketing tools, this can be a very important quality indeed!

How are foil business cards created and made?

The process may vary a bit from printer to printer, but generally the first step is to create a file with the complete design – in other words, all of the graphic and text elements together. This is what is to be printed first onto the paper.

Once the card is printed, the foil is then added where you want it.

The way this works is through a “mask file” – which tells the machine, specifically where the foil is to be applied. For example, the mask may be black and white. Wherever there’s black the foil is applied, wherever there is white, it’s not. In other words, all of the graphic design, text, and shapes on the original document are left out of this one, except for the parts of the card where the foil is to be applied.

It’s fairly simple to do and if you’re not a designer, your printer will certainly be able to help you.

Is a foil business card right for you?

Before you decide, check out this helpful resource. You’ll find ideas, reviews, and deals on the best foil business cards available.

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