Getting Her Back Adequate Space After a Break Up Will Get Two of You Back Together Again

By Ilona Benes

Emotionally mature ex lovers will give each other space after a break up. If want to get her back you need to respect the fact that space after a break up is needed to heal from a fall out. Both of you need the space after a break up to recover and ponder the things that have happened. But how much space should there be? At what point can you decide that the period of silence was long enough? You created space to make it more likely that you and your ex girlfriend can reconnect at some point, but how long are you willing to wait for that to happen? Is there such a thing as too much space? You need to recognise the moment that you should take another step.

How your ex behaves is going to determine what your next move should be. After all, who knows your ex better than you, the person she had an emotional relationship with? Is she sending you any hints on how she feels now? Make sure that you are alert enough to notice those hints. If she is still making an abrupt end to the conversation when you try to inform her of the passing of someone in your family that she knew, or if she is obviously avoiding you when you end up at the same social event, she is obviously not ready to renew her interaction with you just yet. She does not want to get together and she is trying to make you realize that. Try to remember what lead to the break up. The situation might have been so bad that she is still bleeding. You do not want to push her right now. She needs more time to heal. These are things you need to recognize and respect. You have to be mature now.

If you came to the point where you realize that there was enough time to heal you need to move on. You both needed the space but if that space was long enough and she does not seem interested enough to even talk to you when you accidently meet, you need to get ready to go on with you life. Accept the fact that maybe the break up is what she wanted and she was just looking for an excuse to blame you for it. Keep in mind that it takes two to tango. You got together because that is what you both wanted. Usually, when people break up, some fault can be found in each camp. If you take responsibility and apologize but she does not, you might be better of without her. Be strong and move on!

When reconciliation is obviously no option you need to let it be and move on. Obviously, no matter what her reasoning is, she wants to make the distance between the two of you permanently. You are going to have to come to a point where you will have to recognize and respect that. You wanted to reinstate a loving relationship and you tried very hard to do so. She is not interested. It will be hard, but you will get over her. Be gracious and step out. Steer your life towards other goals. You need to go on now with your life, and you will be able to do that if you stop focussing on her.

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