Hair Removal What Are the Best Methods?

By Stuart Michael M

There are a variety of options available for hair removal. However most of them are only temporary remedies. You can apply one or few methods that work best for your skin type depending also on the cost, effectiveness and suitability.

The first and foremost important thing is to understand your hair growth before you opt for any best hair removal methods. Learning about how your hair grows makes you understand better on how to inhibit your hair from growing.

Bleaching is one of common methods used for hair removal. It is not precisely a method to remove hair but more of a way to cover the presence of hair. The method is normally used for areas with thin but dark hair like the arms, neck or face. This method is performed by applying the bleaching chemical onto the area where it will remove pigments from the hair.

Another popularly used method is shaving. It is the most temporary method to remove hair because it merely cuts the portion of hair above skin surface. This will not make them grow faster or slower or the hair shafts thicker or darker. However the shafts of short can appear more noticeable when it grows out because its tip is blunt instead of tapered. It is better to apply moisturizer onto the skin before perform the shaving to aid the glide of razor over the skin. Examples of moisturizers are water, hair conditioner, body wash or shaving cream.

The physical hair pulling is also one of the best removal methods. It involved the pulling of hair out from the follicles. It is inexpensive and it does not change the color, density or texture of your hair. It takes longer for the hair to grow because the hair is pulled from the follicles, not only the surface portion. However long term of pulling may results in the follicles being damaged thus will stop producing more hair. The plucking of using tweezers is also one excellent method to remove hair although it consumes a lot of time.

Some people prefer using the waxing method to remove large patches of hair at a time. The wax is warmed then spread onto the skin in the hair growth direction. When the it is embedded in the wax which eventually becomes cool and firm, the wax is pulled off from the opposite direction. This will pull out the hair out of the follicles. There are also cold waxes usually come in strips. Any leftover wax on the skin must be peeled off. There is the newer type of wax called the sugar wax. It applied the similar method to the normal was but it is easier to be removed as it is water-soluble.

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