How to Attract the Man of Your Dream and Get Him to Be With You! Here is What Will Help You a Lot

By Russell Jackson

Girls always want heir dream guy for keeps. So you’ll get to have your dream guy, you need to get him attracted to you, here are some powerful steps on how to draw your dream guy to you:

Visibility is a must to catch your dream guy.
The man of your dreams will never notice you if you spend the whole day moping inside your house. Try to be in places where he can see you. Be outstanding and get noticed.

Flash an irresistible smile at him.
A great smile can make someone at ease. Smile at him when you meet him and give him a look that will make him remember you when he’s alone. Paste a sincere smile on your lovely face and he’s bound to remember you.

Glance at him often to show that you’re also interested.
Make several, quick glances at him, and he will surely notice you. Giving him the idea that you like him could make him want you back. Just make sure that he will not take advantage of you knowing that you have the hots for him.

Be fabulous and pretty
Always be beautiful inside and out. Always stay beautiful and presentable, as physical appearance is the first thing he’ll notice and will give him a long lasting impression about you. Have good manners as well as these will reflect your good upbringing.

Always be yourself, and you’ll be appreciated for who you are.
Stay true and avoid pretensions. Don’t act like somebody you are not. He may like you because he thinks you’re somebody else, and when he sees the true you, he may shy away. So, present only the real you right from the very beginning.

Be a smart and confident lass.
Learn to develop your self esteem and be happy about who you are. Be in your conversations and always give an intelligent remark. This will make him realize that there’s more to you than meets the eye-that you’re not just a stunner, but you’re also witty.

Be inviting rather than intimidating.
Always look approachable and never intimidate your dream guy. Always look friendly and nice. Don’t give a snobbish look as this would definitely scare him away.

Your dream guy will not always be Mr. Right, so be smart in making your choice and always be wary. Don’t rush things, love will find its way to you at the right time. But if you think your dream guy is also your soul mate, then by all means, go and be noticed!

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