How to Get a Date With a Guy 7 Ways You Can Score a Hot Date Any Time Without Much Hard Work

By Russell Jackson

It’s not all about the looks. You don’t score a hot date by looking like J-lo and Jessica Alba rolled into one. It’s more of who you are and what you know that counts. Read our tips below on how to get a date with any guy you have your eyes on.

Get the load off your shoulders.
Women who are stressed do show lines on their faces and look as if the world has fallen on them. If you would like to be the type men ask out on dates, you will need to appear like you’re actually capable of having fun. If you are a busy career woman, it’s about time you left your desk and headed to the spa. De-stress, and then make your way down to the salon where you can get a brand new hairdo. Even guys who knew you for the longest time will suddenly have new-found interest in you.

Make time for friends and get to know new ones.
The more prospects you’ve got the better changes you have at scoring a date. The best places to find someone interesting are gatherings like parties and conventions, where you will meet people who more or less share the same interests as yours. Widen your social circle, and don’t be afraid to make new friends, be they females or males. You may not end up with a date on the first try, but your new friends could eventually introduce you to Mr. Right.

Never seem too attached to anyone too soon.
Speaking of parties, you may find yourself engaging in long conversations with someone in particular, even though he isn’t your perfect type. Don’t fall into this trap. If you engage in conversations with an individual, other guys who are eyeing you may be discouraged, thinking that you are already there with someone else. Be a butterfly – fleet from one person to another, without getting intimate with any of them unless you’d like to date them.

Brush up on your conversation skills.
It pays to be socially conscientious. It also pays to know when to listen, and when to respond. A girl may be perfect on the eye, but if she is pretty much indifferent about social issues or worse, cannot carry even a small-talk, guys will not bother, as they will begin to imagine what a date with this person may be. Beware of common mistakes: talking too little, talking too much (especially about yourself), not sharing opinions, and the worst kind, sharing opinions based on bluff. If a topic arises and you are not privy to it, gracefully excuse yourself for some drinks, or instead of talking, ask questions that show you are interested.

Learn the basics of dancing.
At any given gathering, dancing is a way of getting to know people. Dancing is more than just steps and twirls – it is actually a language of the body. It tells a person a lot about your gracefulness and poise, and most of all, it shows your confidence. Because dancing is really body language in an artistic manner, be careful of your moves. Sexy moves could mislead men to think you are only after a one night stand. Stay hip and casual, and never allow a man to grope you, even on the dance floor.

Develop an enticing, voracious appetite.
Girls who are able to maintain their figure, but are also not afraid to indulge in tasty, sumptuous food are really the best kind of dates. A guy has a voracious appetite, but sitting across someone who picks at her salad (the only thing she will eat all night) is pretty depressing. Any man would enjoy being on a date with someone who loves chicken wings and fat-laden food, and can still look hot. If you want a guy to date you, stop being a bird.

Exude positivity and put confidence in your stride.
Even girls can notice another girl who walks with a confident stride. How you walk tells a lot about how you feel about yourself and life in general. If you walk by dragging your feet, it means you are carrying a lot of emotional baggage and are pessimistic. However, if you walk, taking your steps one at a time and swaying your hips with confidence, you will strike people as sexy and assured, the kind that guys would love to take on a date.

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