How to Get a Guy to Be Physically Attracted to You! Vital Tips You Shouldnt Miss at All

By Russell Jackson

Not a lot of women are blessed with the capacity to attract just about any guy that they would lay their eyes on. For most of the female population, being physically attractive to the guy of their dreams still requires a lot of effort. Men are, of course, visual creatures, so you have to satisfy this aspect above all the others.

Maintain your great figure.
Most women make the mistake of turning into a sack of potatoes from having the vavavoom figure that they used to have. Having a great-looking shape is essential to keeping any man’s attention so make sure that you excel in this department.

Live a healthy lifestyle.
A big chunk of looking good is staying healthy. Being fit means you have to eat the right kinds of foods and drink sufficient fluids. If you are stuffed with much greens and lots of fruits, then you will have a great complexion. You should try your best to shun fats and junk foods in your diet.

Take care of your skin.
Your skin isn’t the biggest organ in your body for nothing. It’s not only meant to protect, it is also there to attract the opposite sex. If you have a young-looking and supple skin, then any guy would be tempted to reach out and touch it. Therefore, physically attracting someone wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Keep an exercise regimen that you can easily adapt to.
Living a healthy lifestyle would require that you exercise regularly. If you’re not a big fan of treadmills or stationary bikes, then you can always resort to good old jogging or brisk walking. The nearby park should serve as your exercise arena.

Maintain a good hygiene.
Bad breath and body odor-these are the two things that would drive any man away. You should practice cleanliness at all times-brush your teeth, take a bath, wear clean clothes, and keep your shoes clean. Clip your nails regularly and brush your hair so it would have a healthy shine.

Wear clothes that would suit your body shape.
Looking good means you know how to choose the right kinds of clothes. If you have big hips, then you should try to emphasize on your upper body so that your onlooker’s eyes would shift upwards. It’s all about experimenting on a getup that would really work for you.

Walk the Walk.
It’s all about going out there and being as confident as you can be. If a guy sees that you walk into a room and that you command attention, then he’ll be helplessly attracted to you. Remember that you don’t have to be a supermodel in order to look confident. Just believe that you look great and-you’re not wrong!

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