How to Get Rid of House Centipedes! 3 Proven Ways to Do It!

By Kenneth L. White

If you’ve ever seen a house centipede, then you know the fear and hatred that these things can bring! Most people that I know can’t stand the sight of them. There are some people in our society that are a little off and have decided to try to make these things…PETS! This article is not geared toward them! This article is geared toward those of you who can’t stand the sight of house centipedes. Those people that just want to get rid of them! You want to know how to get rid of them, then let’s get to it!

1. Exterminators – This is probably your best bet for getting rid of house centipedes. The only problem is that even the exterminators themselves will tell you that they won’t be able to get all of them on the first try. So be prepared to shell out more money for them to make a return trip!

2. Dehumidifiers – For those of us that are fiscally deficient, you can try to use a dehumidifier. Why a dehumidifier? House centipedes like to live in damp, wet environments. That’s why you usually see them in your basement. Using a dehumidifier will dry up the moisture. Thus making their stay in your home that much more unpleasant.

3. Boric Acid – Boric acid has been used for years. This is the strange little white powder that you saw in your grandmas basement when you were a kid. You know, those little white rocks along the woodwork! Boric acid attacks the insects on two levels. It acts as a stomach poison if they ingest it and it’s abrasive to their exoskeleton!

So there you have it. 3 proven ways to get rid of house centipedes. If you are in really dire straits and you can’t afford to use any of the above techniques, there’s nothing wrong with using your shoe to squish them! But with the average house centipede laying between 60 and 150 eggs, you’ll probably be squishing for a long time!

If you really want to know how to get rid of house centipedes, you’re going to have to know the real reason they are in your house in the first place! I’ll give you a little hint: It has NOTHING to do with you! To find out more information about the house centipede and the real reason they have chosen your home, make sure that you check out:

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