Insurance Agents and Internet Marketing Residual Traffic is Better Than Residual Income

By David James Boozer

As someone who was recognized in the Insurance industry like many of you, I found myself spending up to and over $500+ dollars in leads each week. Today I have figured out the secrets of the Internet and how residual traffic is better than residual income…I want to share that with you.

For those of us who have found success with Internet marketing understand that residual traffic outweighs residual income any day. Yes, I said it, “residual traffic is far better than residual income.” Creating residual traffic is the reason behind the money that is made online and for you the insurance agents, creating residual traffic is a necessity that will be needed to learn if success is what you are seeking. As the economy worsens, the cost of leads goes up and sales down…the internet is a whole different economy.

So how can you the insurance agent begin creating this “traffic” on the Internet? Simply put, this will be created through solid marketing training and proven strategies of marketing online. The most important step will be the training and followed up through creating what Internet marketers call a “funnel”. The funnel should be a perfect continuity of the advertising you do. You are leading the individual through branding “you” as an expert not only on the subject of insurance, but also as a leader in your respected industry. From the article or video you create, to your blog, website or splash page…this should be all about you leading by the hand each individual that is following you through your perfected funnel.

It is not about the product in and of itself, this is about you and how you can create that safety net that the insurance provides, this is about you becoming that calm voice should their world collapse and this feeling can be created through the continuity of your marketing on the Internet. There is continuity to everything you do with Internet marketing, and I mean everything. Creating residual traffic is creating residual income, this traffic can be free or paid for as well. For many of you in the insurance industry are paying huge sums of money on such things as banner advertising and pay per click, my question is why? Driving traffic to you can be free turning that once $500 plus a week or month cost into a “no thanks, I have enough leads” answer to your general agent.

Learning to effectively drive traffic for insurance agents is about perfecting that funnel through Internet marketing which does come with a learning curve. Through solid training however, this can be made simple and prove that “residual traffic is far better than residual income”.

Through proven training and solid effort, David J. Boozer has transitioned from a successful top Insurance Producer to a successful Online Business owner and Entrepreneur. To learn more about how to find success online and the potential of creating a lasting and passive income from home please visit David at

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