Secrets on How to Attract Women How to Attract Women Effortlessly and Successfully

By Luke Morgan-Rowe

Are you the man who tries everything to get yourself laid, but nothing seems to be happening? Do you holler at women in your neighborhood from behind the steering wheel of your mom’s hand-me-down car? Then this simple walk through will tell you the dos and don’ts of How to Attract Women.

Tip One – Initiate Conversation

Approach the bounty head on. As much as they pretend to hate confident males, deep inside, they crave for such. For you to do this successfully, you need to perfect and get used to the attitude of talking to women for sport. Wink at the woman in the elevator, at the convenient store, the library, and everywhere else. Avoid bias and just do it no matter what their ages are. This will always keep your engine warm; and when the woman with the long legs stands in front of you in a queue, you will not find yourself fearing anything. Confidence is your best friend as you perfect How to Attract Women at will.

Tip Two – Respond always

Actions speak louder than words. If the woman at the office gives you nothing more than a cheeky smile and a tug on your tie while at the coffee machine, then it is time you put things straight. You need to give her more than words and attention. Touching hands gently is a huge step in mastering the art of How to Attract Women. Gently do it every now and then.

Respond to her touches, too. It is a way of proving that you have their attention. Do not think twice whenever they suggest that you help them with some “handy work”. Broken machines, jammed printer and other false alarms women call you for are also pointers. Tune your antennae to pick up signals like this. She is crying out to you! It is only a matter of time before you find yourselves in a private place or quieter surroundings. That is exactly what both of you want.

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