Successful Blog Flipping Handling Several Blogs

By Keith Lunt

If you are blog flipping, then you might be trying to turn over the blogs quite quickly, or you may prefer to really establish them and sell them further down the line for a bigger amount. But either way, the income is not going to be that great if you are just working at flipping one or two blogs at a time. So, how do you handle many blogs at once?

The first steps might be to invest in reseller hosting space. Take a look at how much your hosting is going to cost if you continue with it for 10 or 20 blogs and decide if a reseller account, with unlimited blogs, could save you cash.

Next, buy your domain names and install WordPress. But think, what domain names are you going to buy? If you buy 20 totally different URLs then you are spreading your work across different niches and when you come to sell them, you are not saturating any one area of the market. Conversely, if you buy 20 URLs on the same theme, then although there is not the variation when you come to sell, there are advantages when it comes to writing.

My suggestion is, therefore, to buy in groups. By 4 sets of 5 domain names along the same theme. Now, start writing or buy in some articles (do not use PLR articles!). At the same time, invest in an article spinner. The one I use is available for a one off payment of $47. Use this to create unique versions of each of the articles, so you write one article, publish that to one blog and then spin 4 more articles for the other 4 blogs. Suddenly, maintaining 10 or 20 blogs and posting to each one 3 times a week is not all that difficult!

Now, all that you need to do is to start driving traffic to the blogs. You might work on them all evenly, or you may prefer to give preference to 1 blog of each group. By favouring some blogs these will become ready for sale ahead of the rest of the group. You then put them up for sale and when they sell, but another domain name to replace that blog within the group it was sold from.

Of course, blog flipping isn’t just about the sale at the end. Ideally you can make an income along the way and this can also be a selling point. If the blog is currently earning $100 per week without you buying traffic, there are going to be more takers than if it is earning nothing. So make sure that you add in Google Adsense and any appropriate affiliate schemes and keep a monthly record of all incomes. You can even take part in sponsored posting once the blog is old enough and again, keep records of these earnings. You might find that whoever buys it is interested in such avenues and evidence of current success will be a benefit.

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Written by Keith Lunt

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