The Supreme Love

By Periander Esplana

Happy is the man who experienced unhappiness in this life but has learned to see through it the unmitigated happiness of eternity. Problems come and go, failure extinguishes itself, but tragedy suddenly comes which seems to have a sole purpose of usurping us of our most cherished treasures.

It oftentimes arrived at the very moment when we learned, through trials and triumphs, how to give the best we have, and when we became selfless, almost lifeless, by giving our all. We cannot help ourselves but ask “Why me?” with tears gently flowing from our hollow eyes.

Unwanted circumstances blind us so much that the corollary of such question escapes from our notice. It begins to rise when we start to focus again on ourselves, the “me” in the question, and forget the significant Other Who is behind the wonder of it all, the “why” in the question.

We tend to bereave ourselves of meaning and direction whenever we are confronted by the clash of nature’s quest and of our unbecoming desire. We forget that we still have the real treasure ready to be uncovered from our heart humbled by such reminiscence which cannot be robbed by any entity.

It is a four-letter word, squarely-built within each of us; no more no less than what we call love. Love creates a fortitude of dream and vision as we find ourselves deeply trapped in the harsh factualities of human existence. It serves as a pair of wings for us to fly beyond the thorns and embers of the unexpected.

Love, then, can turn tragedy into a symphony of melodious interplay of beauty, harmony and necessity. It is the only metaphysical alchemist of paradoxes and juxtapositions.

Blessed is the man who overcomes problem by faith, surpasses failure by hope, and transmutes tragedy by love. Without doubt, love is the key to all things. Through it, you can open the windows of heaven and close the gates of hell.

Love is the essence of prayer. Through it, you can move the farthest gigantic star by simply kissing the awe-inspiring petal of a flower.

It is almost inexpressible if not through our heart in which it is indelibly engraved by the Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer Who lives a life of love. It is the code of codes encoded in all the heart of men which can be decoded alone by the heart who longs for love. It is an elusive impression. Mystery itself cannot hold the sacredness of love.

Thus, if we will try to look for a good definition of love, it must be, love is love. We do not need to use another word or group of words to make it clear or unambiguous. It is already understandable, its meaning is as clear as crystal, to anyone who has a heart which throbs the beat of infinity with the tune of the heavenly music.

Love is the universal language known by all of God’s creation. It is the principle which governs the origin and destiny of all things. Sin is a cosmic treason but love is the cosmic reason. Love conquers all.

It is the Raison d’etre, the Summum bonum, the Logos, the Tao, the Jen, the Aum, the Rta, the Shabd, the Zen, the Eck, the Five pillars, the Path, the Golden rule, the All.

Satan has tried to deceive man since the beginning by hiding the real meaning of such terms but he tragically failed. For love is at the ultimate center of God’s self-revelation in nature, in man, and in Christ.

The golden letters of the Book of books are deeply anchored on love. Let the light of heaven shine through you on earth. Consume your self with nothing but Divine life.

Dare to walk through the uncharted territory of your fearless enemy and arm your self of the most powerful weapon that a man can have to defeat all enemies: love.

Love knows no harm, insult, or injury. It only knows love. It simply tells the truth without any admixture of euphemism and we all know truth sometimes hurts. It conceives and begets peace and unity. Its outer shell and inner dimension is pure righteousness which is constantly outflowing from the heart of God Who is Himself love.

Love knows no beginning and end for it is infinite. It derives its subsistence from the Greatest Lover of all time Who for His love He gave His life for His enemies like us.

Truly, His miraculous demeanor is lovelier than the multi-splendored ray of the spectrum of light. His glorious countenance is imbued with the fragrance of love. His precious name is JESUS, the sweetest name of all, the Love of loves.

Don’t believe anything and don’t trust anyone unless you first believed and trusted the Holy One Who gave you the heart which have the capacity to love and be loved.

The only incontrovertible, non-loveless proof that there is God is found in the purity of love itself for God is love. Love is the axiom of God. Wherever there is true love, God is there.

If only love was in our heart, then we would need nothing for we would have all things in the sweet consciousness of God’s presence. Love is the reason, the meaning and the goal of our existence.

It alone can explain all mysteries including the mystery of the Trinity and of the Incarnation. It is the basis of the Law and the essence of Grace.

It proves the truth of the Judeo-Christian system for love can only be seen meaningful in the Biblical framework. It will never arise in an atheistic/pantheistic, amoral, neutral, impersonal and evolutionary universe. Love can only exist in the world which is created by the Infinite-Personal Triune God of love Who made man in His image.

Love is relational. Its necessity requires an object to share its selfless purity. It presupposes personal relationship, communion and fellowship. It does not seek its own because its dynamic activity is always toward others. It flows continuously outward to produce unity in diversity within the bond of truth without destroying individual identity. In a seven-letter word: charity.

Love eternally exists in the perfect symmetry of communication of the three Persons of one God. Thus, love proves that God is Trinity for it is His essential nature. The very love which exists in the Trinitarian relationship is the final reality that God willed to become true to all creation through Christ who is the ultimate manifestation of Divine love.

The total expression of love can be clearly seen in the life of Christ when He sacrificed Himself to save us. Thus, love also proved that God incarnated to bring us back to Himself for He loved us so much. He created us out of His heart to share His intimate attribute of love.

Love alone gives form and freedom to all truth for it always rejoices in the truth but never in iniquity. Love is the inner core of the Formula of Truth (the Bible Formula) that solves all problems, answers all questions, and explains all mysteries.

Love is not only the silhouette of the total reality in its pristine beauty perfectly portrayed in the heart of all men but also the ever-growing seed of the new heaven and new earth divinely implanted in the heart of the regenerate man.

The whole universe, past and future, can be found in our heart if the Spirit-shed love dwells in us. This is a profound mystery, mystery of mysteries indeed. Therefore, love is no thing, it is not just a thing, it is everything. “Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things” (1 Cor. 13:7). Love is “the bond of perfectness” (Col.3:14).

PERIANDER ABAN ESPLANA was born at Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines in June 8, 1974. He was the seventh of the twelve children of Domingo Esplana and Araceli Aban. He loved to learn language, mathematics, music, spirituality, logic, technology, and arts. As a government scholar, under Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) scholarship program, he earned the Bachelor of Secondary Education (B.S.Ed.) major in General Science at Mabini College in 1996. He also studied basic computer education at Databyte Institute of Technology (now Databyte Computer College). He served as a seminar speaker on creation science and as one of the Bible teachers at Grace Gospel Fellowship. He was a member of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) local council of the municipality of Sta. Elena. He was also the Sta. Elena Cluster Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) moderator. He was the former Vice-President of the Science Club Advisers Association of Camarines Norte, Inc. (SCAACN, Inc.). He was a chemistry and computer instructor at Rizal National High School (RNHS). He is presently an Internet Marketer and Researcher. His latest website can be found at

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