Understanding How to Save a Marriage When it is Collapsing Here is What You Need to Do!

By Juliette Christian

Is your marriage headed for divorce? Are you feeling that there is nothing that you can do? In this article I have concrete things you can do and stop the process of divorce. Keep reading to learn how.

The first thing is that you must keep communicating and that means you must keep the channels of communication open. This will help you work out the problems in the marriage. You will have to tell your partner about your changing needs. You will need to involve your partner in the decision methods. You must talk about the risks and rewards and you can also do tradeoffs, when there is a need.

The second thing is that you must keep your partners’ needs in mind at all times. There should be fairness and work towards a common goal. You have to make your partner feel that you appreciate them. Your partner must feel that you are at the same level.

Finally stopping your divorce and saving your marriage for the long term depends on the efforts of both partners. You must both be willing to work as a team. To make your relationship a success, both of you should put in the time. You will also need to start putting in some quality time together with your partner. You have to nurture the relationship and always keep working on it.

You stopping your divorce depends on how much you are willing to make on the marriage work. The difference between a marriage that works well and those that don’t is the amount of tender loving care that is put into it by both sides.

My marriage was failing on every aspect – it was such a troubled marriage that I thought there was no hope.

Yet, now I am still with my husband and I have saved my marriage. Click here to visit my website and see what I did!

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