Unique, Personalized Wedding Favors

By Mona Sutherland

Planning one’s wedding is a carefully orchestrated symphony which can, at times, best be described as organized chaos. Timing, details, coordination, so many tiny little parts that all need to work together so extraordinarily well. A butterfly being prematurely released can have drastic effects. Whether your wedding will be small or large. A great number of people dedicated a lot of time and effort into supporting you, helping you and generally being there for you throughout not just your wedding planning, but you’re entire relationship. For this reason and this reason alone, you’re wedding favors should be your own unique way of saying “Thank you!”

As we progress through the early 2000’s and on into the second decade, more and more people have come to me asking, pleading, and desperately searching for ideas on unique wedding favors. Colored malted almonds just don’t tickle my fancy anymore and if I get one more monogrammed box with a tchachke inside my husband might make me move out (I can never bring myself to throw them away but what could I possibly do with a little monogrammed silver bell thingy?).

Unique wedding favors communicate to guests “Hey! I didn’t just go for the gift card!” As an example I present the following metaphor: A gift card from Lowe’s in a basket with a hammer, nails and tool belt is sweet and personal; a gift card from Lowe’s in a plain envelope says “I forgot a gift and bought this at a gas station on the way over.”

My point being, traditional favors are wonderful, there’s a reason why they’re traditions, but give them a makeover, a facelift if you will, and show your guests that you put more time into something than just a box of color coordinated (icky tasting) malted almonds (in a really beautiful ridiculously expensive white box with a very pretty silver monogrammed bow).

Following, a short list of unique wedding favor ideas that are personalized, sure to garner a little extra attention and show your guests a little extra thanks.

1. Individual Fortune Cookies: These beautiful cookies come half dipped in chocolate AND with a personalized message inside. Each cookie comes in its own adorable clear little box and could easily use a lovely monogrammed wedding sticker or bow to close it. Smaller favors like these are easily allocated at each guest’s place setting and make a darling addition to a tablescape. They give guests a little treat to look forward to and their sticker/bow closure keep it traditional and comforting.

2. Personalized Koozies: The koozie is such a multi-functional favor, I daresay you’ll be tempted to use them for your bachelor/bachelorette party and engagement party as well. Foam koozies are easily stacked creating a stand-out centerpiece on a welcome table next to a signature book, perhaps. Water bottles covered in personalized koozies make a deliciously refreshing treat for guests that they can hydrate themselves with and keep beverages cool over and over again. There’s the zip neoprene koozie that’s practically a requirement for any outdoor wedding adding a touch of class and functionality to every beverage it covers keeping your guests’ drinking experience a pleasurably cool one.

3. Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons: For the romantic at heart, no pun intended. These delicately shaped measuring spoons are so very functional and lovely. The heart conveys the passion and love of the event while the reference to cooking reminds guests of warm kitchens filled with rich yummy smelling goodies and delights. A gift that is easily reused and sweet at the same time.

4. “Olive” You olive oil: While it is indeed true, I am quite attracted to anything miniature, this olive oil was too adorable to pass up. Like the fortune cookie, this miniature bottle of olive oil comes in its own packaging and bow/sticker are easily added. It’s cute playful message are sure to make guests smile and it’s functionality are unquestionable. Guests will be happy to have this as a part of their home and kitchen and are sure to think of you when they use it to make their special somethings.

5. Customized Packets of Wild Seeds: Eco-friendly weddings are becoming more and more popular and couples are finding endless creative ways to celebrate! Weddings tend to be outdoors and couples want their guests to enjoy favors that closely follow the theme of the celebration. Customized packets of wild seeds enrich your guests gardens while also giving a little something back to the earth. Seed packets come with customized text or full artwork and instructions for potting. Also a fabulous alternative to traditional rice throwing as bride and groom exit the ceremony.

Perhaps at this point you’ve noticed a certain theme, favors that are easily used are greatly appreciated. Personalizing favors in a creative and fun way not only gets your message out to guests (Courtney and Luis just got hitched! Over a picture of a horse and buggy on a koozie) but shows them that you put a little extra time and energy into appreciating them. As they use your gifts, they┬┤re sure to think of the happy couple time and time again and fondly remember the marvelous time they spent celebrating your very special day.

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