7 Keys to an Effective Autoresponder Email

By Richard Stooker

Many Internet marketers have found that an effective autoresponder series increases their site conversions — sometimes doubling their sales, or even more.

A visitor finds your sales page. They read it over. They’re interested, or they wouldn’t be there, but they don’t buy.

Sales page conversion rates normally average 1 percent or less for visitors who haven’t been referred and pre-sold.

For every sale you make, ninety-nine visitors need your product or service but don’t buy — right away.

Most of them will never buy, for whatever reason. But many are good prospects who just need additional convincing and reminding. They need to know, like and trust you.

Truly qualified prospects will enter their first name and email address into an opt-in box in exchange for the promise of additional beneficial information regarding your product or service’s subject matter.

Offer them a free report or e-course. The second one is good because that way they know upfront they’ll be getting a series of emails from you. For example: 7 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth or 7 Insider Secrets to Beating the Stock Market.

Seven is a good number because of its emotional appeal and because it allows you to follow up seven times — the number of contacts old school direct marketers said prospects needed to have with you before buying.

The first key to an effective autoresponder email is a subject line that gets the email opened.

Typical direct and straight to the point “benefit” subject lines are often deleted, because they announce to the prospect the email is a sales pitch. Who wants to read another sales pitch?

Therefore, the most effective subject lines are unusual, compelling and curiosity-arousing.

“My buddy Mike’s smiling today…”

The second key is an informal greeting that sounds conversational and identifies you and your website. (Your prospect may have forgotten it already, which is why you need autoresponders to remind them.)

“Hi, Joe — Bill Smith here from WhiterTeeth.com”

The third is a short story or topical or cultural reference. You may think that strange (I’ve had clients question it), but people would rather read something interesting and fun than another sales pitch. And by arousing their emotions, it increases their desire for your product or service.

“My buddy Mike has such a terrific smile, everybody likes him. He lost his job in the recession, but today he told me he just got another one, at double his old salary — because the boss liked his smile so much.”

Fourth — tie the story or reference in to one aspect of your product or service.

“It’s sad how many people want to have a big smile, but are too shy because their teeth are yellow or discolored. This can hold them back in their social and professional lives.

“Yet all they need is to try out the Whiter Teeth program.”

Fifth — Explain some product benefits.

“Just mix Whiter Teeth in with your regular toothpaste, brush thoroughly and in just a few days your teeth will shine. You’ll really have something to smile about.”

Sixth — Links to your sales page.

Seventh — A P.S. with an additional product benefit or reason to click through to the sales page.

“The sooner you try out Whiter Teeth, the sooner your friends and loved ones will notice your bright smile. Maybe you’ll get a new and better job too.”

Each email and story or reference should focus on just one major product benefit. In the above example it was the potential professional benefit of having whiter teeth. Other emails could target self esteem, social status, dental health and so on.

That’s true because different prospects respond to different benefits. A salesperson may want whiter teeth to make more sales. A young woman may wish to look even more attractive. To an ex-smoker getting rid of yellow nicotine stains may symbolize their freedom from the habit of cigarette smoking.

By the time they’ve read seven such emails, prospects now feel as though they know, like and trust you — which leads to more sales.

Next, learn more about how email autoresponders can increase your website’s sales and profits.

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