Cervical Spinal Stenosis What Causes it and What Treatment Options Are There?

By Dr. Monica Blum

Cervical spinal stenosis is the systematic “narrowing” of one–sometimes more-areas of your back spine. This can eventually place uncomfortable pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. It is well-known to cause numbness and/or pain in the back region, the arms, legs, or shoulders, due to pressure being placed on specialized nerves. Other very common sources of irritation are in coordination, arm or leg weakness, and bowel problems.

General symptoms of spinal stenosis include weak bladder or bowel movements control, numbness or weakness towards the upper-spine, or numbness (or rarely pain) in the shoulder or neck region of the spine caused by compressed nerves.

It should be dually noted, also, that numbness or tingling in the limbs is much better indicator of cervical spinal stenosis than pain, historically speaking. Most of the cases of cervical stenosis are due to the normal aging process and the accompanying degenerative process of bones and other body functions.

Treatment begins, of course with your doctor, any information on the web, such as this, is merely online to help you better understand all the aspects of health issues-like cervical spinal stenosis—thereby making you a much better informed patient before entering into a doctor’s office and/or physical therapy clinic. Typically, a doctor will prescribe you medication if pain is a concern and if OTC’s are not effective in relief. They range from Opioids, to anti-depressants, to specialized pain-relievers relating to damaged nerves.

Additionally, you are likely going to need to see a physical therapist. They are professionals who specialize in the correct exercises and stretches which are counteractive to spinal stenosis. They know exactly which stretches and exercises will help to control pain (if applicable), maintain spine stability and versatility, build to strength, and improve your overall balance.

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