Facial Sweating and How Your Diet Can Cause the Problem

By Al Santini

Facial sweating is the most common type of sweating problem. It happens to everyone. Your head is the warmest part of your body and that’s why you’re sweating so much. Whenever your heart rate increases, your whole system tries to cool the parts of your body that are getting to warm. It’s like a defense system that keeps your body from overheating much like your computer has fans to keep it from burning up.

Some people sweat too much from their face. Despite the fact that your body is trying to cool you down, some people’s systems are overactive. Although our bodies are amazing at keeping our temperatures under control, it can sometimes over do it and this is when the we start sweating profusely even if we’re not doing much rigorous activities.

You can control the amount you sweat. One of the best ways to help you sweat less is to avoid eating the wrong kinds of foods. Garlic, for example, can raise your body’s blood pressure and thus cause you to over sweat even during periods of minimal physical activity. You’ve probably seen this happen to the guy in the fast food joint who ordered the extra hot chili burgers. You’ll see he has beads of sweat dripping down from his face even though all he’s doing is eating. This is an example of how anything in your diet, including very spicy foods, can make you sweat if you have too much of it. It’s good to watch what you eat if you want to sweat less.

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