Get Your Boyfriend Back Learn How to Make Your Ex Want You Back So Badly That it Hurts!

By Ilona Benes

As depressed as you are now, you probably think that you will NEVER get your boyfriend back. This is so wrong! Of course you’ll get him back – just go about it in the right way – that’s all. What you really mustn’t do now though, is to call him and sob your heart out and beg him to take you back.

All this will do is boost his ego and make him feel sorry for you. You don’t want his pity – you want his love, so THIS is what you must work towards. Guys love looking at girls who look stunning, so make that your aim. Get yourself looking so amazing that he can’t help but want you back – badly.

The great thing is, you’ll have so much fun doing it as well. Get a friend to go shopping with you and buy some really great clothes. Go to a hairdresser and have your hair styled differently. If you’ve picked up a few kilos, make an effort to get rid of them. All of this will help to get your boyfriend back into your life again.

All you have to do now is to make sure that you always look gorgeous when you go out. Your friends will see how fantastic you look and will tell your boyfriend. Of course he is going to want to see this transformation for himself, and when he does, it’s going to hit him hard.

In a split second he is going to fall in love with you again – even more than before. He’s going to regret breaking up with you – in fact he is going to want to kick himself for ever letting you go in the first place! His new goal is going to be to get you back again – as soon as possible.

The trick now is to play a little hard to get, so that your boyfriend works even harder to get you interested in him again. You’ll get your boyfriend back very soon – he is going to be so worried that someone else starts dating you, that he is going to practically beg you to reconsider and take him back.


Yes, it’s still possible. You can get him back regardless of whether he already eloped with someone else or not. But you have to know how to do it effectively.

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