How to Get Your Ex Back From Another Girl! It Wont Seem Impossible After You Understand These Tips

By Russell Jackson

If your ex has bounded out of your arms and bounced right into the arms of another girl then you know that this rebound is not true love.

However, instead of forcing your ex to accept your views, which he never will, and driving him further into the other girl’s arms, use these undercover tactics to win your ex back.

Accept and pretend to ignore the bitter truth

Instead of fighting with your ex on his choice of seeing another girl, accept the bitter truth and pretend to ignore it.

If your ex is trying to arouse your jealousy then your indifference will pour cold water on his hasty plans and he will surely lose interest in the girl within a short time.

Apologize to your ex for your faults to remove the anger

Since your ex might be hurting from inside just as you might be, it is important to replace that hurt and anger with love and caring, over a period of time.

You can start the process by sincerely apologizing once to your ex in the form of a letter or an email. This will remove anger from the equation and allow your ex to calm down enough to look at you as a human being, instead of a torturous monster.

Remain in contact with your ex, only as a friend

This step is important as it will also help to drive a wedge between your ex and his new girl. Ask your ex if you can at least remain his friend. Upon a positive answer, make sure to stay in touch with small talk at regular intervals.

His new girl will now start assuming that both of you might just get together and start arguing with your ex, which in turn will drive him towards you.

Dig out the girl’s past
This is a dangerous move but can pay rich rewards if the girl has a very sleazy past. You should dig up the dirt on your ex’s girl and ensure that your ex gets it in an anonymous manner, especially when you are out of town.

You will be protecting your ex from future harm as well as ensuring that the pretty thorn stuck on your ex is removed once and for all.

Upgrade your looks to get re-ogled by your ex
Do not let the breakup be an excuse for ignoring your looks but instead use it as a reason for upgrading them.

Go in for an upgrade that involves your skin, face, hair, clothes and attitude so that your ex ogles you once he lays his eyes on the new you. His new girl will not seem so new anymore.

Pretend to get yourself another man

You too can play the game of finding a new partner. You should flirt harmlessly with a guy so as to impress upon your ex that you too might go on your own way. This will cause panic in your ex’s mind, especially if he is now attracted to you like never before.

Set up a deadline and watch your ex leave the other girl

You can also lay down a pretend deadline stating that you might leave with your new guy if your ex does not come back to salvage the relationship.

Your ex will now come running towards you in a bid to prevent you from leaving as his desire and panic gets the better of him.

These undercover tactics will pry your ex back from the arms of another girl forever as he stumbles hastily to return back in your loving arms.

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