How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous! Do You Know If You Can Do This You Can Literally Get Her Back

By Russell Jackson

If your girlfriend has left you in a huff and if you know that she is the jealous type then you can use this inside information to your advantage in getting her back.

Here are some moves that will allow you to press the right buttons to make your ex girlfriend jealous and make her rush into your arms guided by the green devil himself.

Ignoring her should be bliss

If you have jumped up and down like a performing monkey in a bid to make her come back to you then return that money and stop your immature act.

You will now need to totally ignore your ex girlfriend so as to make her inquisitive about you as well as to stop providing her the pleasure of mentally insulting you.

Attain that killer look and attitude

You will have to transform yourself from a broken man to a smart and dashing new hunk. You can do so by going in for a complete makeover of your looks and clothes so as to emerge with a killer look while bursting with positive attitude.

Let your ex girl realize that she has indeed let go of a rough diamond that has just been polished to perfection.

Play out that party scene

Make sure to attend each party attended by your ex girlfriend. Let her bite her nails jealously while watching you enjoy at the party, even as you get increased attention from other girls thanks to your makeover.

Remain cordial with your ex but flirtatious with others

Make sure to talk cordially with your ex if she approaches you but at the same time lay out the honeyed carpet for other girls that show interest in you.

This will irk your ex as barbs of jealousy will now prick her heart. You will now have to coax your ex girlfriend into action by twisting those barbs.

Pretend to hit it off with a close friend

If possible, you should try to convince a close female friend to act out a courting scene with you so as to goad your ex girlfriend in motion fueled by jealousy.

You can pretend to hit it off fabulously with your close friend in the form of enjoying a few drinks while lazily whispering literally sweet nothings into her ears. This will be followed by smoke emancipating out of your ex’s ears.

Time to push the final green button

You should now allow a message to be “leaked” to your ex girlfriend that you might get into a brand new relationship with your new “friend” while also regretting that your ex has not acted in re-igniting the old one.

This will force your ex to act as she will fear that she might not get another chance to tell you how she now feels about you.

Meet your ex, spill the beans and live happily ever after

If you ex wants to meet you then do so, but make sure to enter into a new relationship only after solving all past problems. You can also spill the beans on your jealousy-arousing act once your ex is safely cocooned in your relieved arms.

These moves will not only have your ex girlfriend fuming around the ears but also compel her to act quickly to stop you from vanishing into the sunset with another girl.

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