MMA Training Equipment What You Need and How to Use It

By Ciaran Lynch

Mixed martial arts or MMA is now the fastest growing sport in the world. It started as what seemed like a spectacle of blood lust, where 2 men would enter the cage and only one would walk out. To be honest, looking back on the original UFC bouts where untrained fighters would beat the heck out of each other it did look like a human cock fighting event.

Since the Ultimate Fighting Championship was purchased by the Zuffa corporation it has gone from strength to strength in a very short period of time. It now out ranks any individual boxing organisation in the pay per view buys every single year and since the UFC puts on about 10 events per year there seems to be no end to where this thing can go. In this article we are going to talk about the amateur MMA fighter or a guy/girl thinking about getting into MMA and what MMA training equipment they will need.

MMA Training Equipment
1. Boxing Gloves – You will need 14 – 16 ounce boxing gloves for boxing or muay thai sparring

2. MMA gloves – you will need the 4-6 ounce MMA training gloves for when you are grappling and doing light shots to the head

3. Hand wraps – You will need hand wraps to wear under your boxing gloves and under your MMA gloves. This is so that you dont break any bones in your hands.

4. Skipping rope – To work on your fitness, footwork and rythem.

5. Gum Shield – For obvious reasons

6. Shin pads – When you start off in MMA you will not believe how sore it is when you kick and it gets checked by someone elses shin bone. Shin to shin contact is so painful. You will need add shin pads to your MMA training equipment when you start training muay thai techniques.

You will not need all of this mma training equipment when you first enter a gym. The only thing you will need is a gum shield. You can pick up the other bits as you go on in your training. Before you enter a gym you should try to build up a good level of fitness as the training can be pretty intense and you want to be able to finish the session so that the coach will take treat you like someone who is there to take training seriously. To learn world class strength and conditioning tips designed specifically for MMA fighters visit

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