Stretcher Bars The Economical Canvas

By Troy Truman

Painters love to be able to paint on a canvas. The problem is that buying the premade canvases can be very expensive. The best solution is to make your own. Stretcher bars make this possible. The canvas is stretched over the pre-made bars and stapled into place. These can now be used for artwork or some other hobby or project. The stretcher bars come in a variety of choices. The frames are generally made form a lightweight material and less likely to warp. It is good to find a reliable source for the stretcher bars. There are many companies that do not use quality wood in the bars, and these can become warped from variations in temperature that occur in the room in which they are used or hung.

Stretcher bars are a woodworking project that someone could also make themselves. Instructions can be found online or are available in a craft or home store. Good sturdy frames will help to keep a canvas taught. Stretcher bars are relatively easy to use but it is good to find someone to help you with it the first couple of times that you attempt to use them. There needs to be a lot of tension between the bars so that the canvas will not sag. The bars should be solid and fit together well so that the canvas is smooth and tight. It is best to work from the middle to the sides of the canvas so that the canvas does not become lopsided.

The stretcher bars usually come in pairs, but you can also get them by the box. You can get them in different sizes to meet the needs and dimensions of your desired finished project. It is good to know what size that you want your finished project to be. It is especially important when measuring out the canvas to allow for extra canvas fabric. The edges of the canvas have to be folded over the bars and stapled into place. If not enough canvas is cut, then it could be wasted. It is always better to be on the safe side and have extra that has to be cut off at the end.

Taking the time to get stretcher bars and making your own canvas is a very convenient way to make sure that you have the canvases that you need handy when that creative urge strikes. This economical do it yourself project can be a part of your finished product and another reason to be proud of your accomplishments.

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