Top 5 Guides in Choosing the Area Rug

By Halie Tep

Area rugs are the best floor decors. They can fill up the bare look of any room. This can be considered the most adaptable accent for home because it can be positioned in any rooms. There are also particular rugs for outdoors. That’s why it is very easy to set this anywhere in our home. There are many rugs to choose from. Here are the following guidelines in choosing the rugs:

1. Color

It is significant that we know what color we should choose. If we have a modern theme in our home it is best to choose darker color. If we have a traditional or classical theme in our home, we can choose a rug with neutral color. Picking can be very confusing because there could be many attractive color. We should visualize the rug with the furniture and the wall color if it would match everything then that would be the moment we’ll make a decision to get it.

2. Material

There are two types of materials: machine-made and natural. Usually the material that was commonly used is wool. It is undeniably great to have an area rug made of wool due to its elegance and durability. There are also some who uses silk but this is much costly. Conversely, the machine made fibers are easier to preserve and it is cheaper. They were equally good looking and provide the warmth. But what’s important is that the material should not tatter after a year or two.

3. Price

We should always think of the price. The rug may have a great color and material but if it is out of our funds we should think twice. We should just purchase what we can pay for. There could be a lot of rugs that would suit our preferences but then affordable enough to buy. We should be wiser and have time to come around the other stores. There could be fine deals on various stores. We should also have a research if the price is reasonable for its quality, material and brand.

4. Quality

There are many things to determine if the rug has a superior quality. We should ensure the craftsmanship of the rug. There are huge differences of the quality of machine woven and hand woven. Acquire time to have a closer look on the fiber and the materials. The entirety of the rug should be tidily done. A good example of an area rug that has perfect quality is the Sphinx Area Rugs. Not only for the reason that it has great craftsmanship, it was also tidily done.

5. Size

We also have to determine the space in our room where we’ll put the desired rug. The rug may be bigger than the and that wouldn’t help in making our room appear best. This would be a little uneasy if we’ll get a rounded or oval area rug. We should get the perimeter of the rounded or oval area rug by the means of a thread and laid it on the floor. We can easily know if it would fit in the room. is a site where we can find the Sphinx Area Rugs with the finest craftsmanship and materials.

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