Unprecedented Black Hurricane

By Stephen Monday

Does any scientist know what effects could take place should a category 3 hurricane develop, and find a track which brings it alongside the huge oil slick? Would the force of the wind on the surface of the water, suck up the majority of the spill, and collect it in the “eye” of the storm?

Heaven forbid!

What could happen should such a storm make landfall? Would it not bring the oil inland? Since oil is lighter than water, would not the oil gathered by the storm, get trapped within the eye wall of the storm?

What about all of the oil that has yet to surface? Would not the power of the storm concentrate the heaviest crude, causing it to gather into the eye of the hurricane?

Man has never seen such a large slick in the Gulf Coast – sideswiped by a hurricane. Forecasters are already predicting the year 2010 to be one of the busiest Hurricane seasons to date.

Could they have come at a more dangerous time than right now? For instance, say a huge hurricane (at least a 4) follows the same track that Katrina took five years ago. Could the powerful winds of such a storm drive the massive slick inland for a hundred miles or more?

What about the millions and millions of fish the spill is sure to cause to die? Were they to come inland, along with the 4+millions of gallons of crude, brought by a huge category 4 storm, would this not cause damage unlike mankind has ever seen?

I pray the LORD does not allow this to come to pass, for it would ratchet up the ecological damages by factors of 10, and bring unprecedented damages to the inner freshwater lakes and streams of the Gulf, like none have ever seen.

Should such a system enter the Gulf, on either side of the spill itself, the giant swirl of the storm would only have to pass near the edge of the spill, in order for it to suck the entire top water of oil into the vortex. (Oil being lighter than water) Would someone run a computer simulation of this scenario, and publish their results?

Stephen Monday is a Web Copy writer, content manager, Minister, and sole writer of the website Beacon Of Truth http://www.truth-witness.com (Writings Of The Holy Spirit).

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