Voiceover Actors Inspire Animators

By Stephanie Adrianne Ciccarelli

When an animator has a palette of unique vocal characteristics and versatile, artistic talent to work with, the opportunity presents itself to animate the character guided by what they hear in the voice of an actor.

Whether it’s outright physical similarities or intentionally incorporated mannerisms, Hollywood has made an extra effort to bring more of the actor into their animated selves, in fact, an actor’s mannerisms will often inspire the physical appearance of their character.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a number of animated films where the characters have taken on aspects of an actor’s physique, their mannerisms and in some cases, even elements of their personality.

Jeremy Irons once said in an interview before the release of The Lion King (in which he voiced Scar) that “When the picture is being drawn as a result of the sounds you’re making, you can take it very wild, very broad and give the animators some nourishment.”

While there is a trend to draw characters to look like their human counterpart, sometimes it has more to do with the personality and spirit of the artist than their physical features. Many people sound different from what their visage may suggest. Voicing an animated character can also liberate talent from prejudice, whether it be related to age, gender or ethnicity.

In animation, a voice actor has the opportunity to explore the heights, depths and timbre of their voice in the safety of the recording booth. One of the many benefits of being off-camera is that an actor has the ability be anyone they choose to be and can deliver a character’s voice and persona free of physical limitations.

Characters, whether drawn to reflect the actor or not, all share one thing in common. The voices that emanate from each one are born of a mutual desire between the animator and voice over artist to bring that character to life.

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