Winning Your Ex Back After a Break Up Find Out What You Are Doing Wrong

By Ilona Benes

After the break up, winning your ex back is possible, but you need to go about it in the right way. The thing is, most people are so upset after a relationship has fallen apart, and quite rightly so, that they do really silly things that they THINK will get their ex’s back.

For instance, you are probably doing just what so many others do, and that is to keep trying to call your ex to convince’ him/her to get back together again. If this is the case, then stop right now! This is definitely NOT the way to do it. In fact you are making matters a whole lot worse for yourself.

Your ex is just as upset as you are, and really doesn’t want to talk to you at all at this stage, so leave him/her alone for a while. This is only so that he/she can get over all the hurt and anger that is boiling inside. You have to give your ex a chance to get rid of these feelings if you want to succeed in winning your ex back.

Another thing that you mustn’t even think of doing, is to beg, plead, and cry to your ex in the hope that he/she will feel sorry for you, and come back to you. Your ex WILL pity you yes, but it is not pity that you want, you want your ex to love you as much as before, and actually WANT to come back to you.

You might even be thinking that, if you make your ex jealous, that this will make him/her come running back to you – just the opposite will happen. Your ex will imagine that you don’t love him/her anymore, and want to get on with your life alone.

No, if you want to succeed at winning your ex back, then do the RIGHT thing and give your ex some time to get over all the bad feelings first. At this stage your ex will be missing you, and will actually be happy to hear from you again, and will be more willing to discuss the possibility of getting back together again.


Yes, it is still possible. You can get them back regardless of whether they already eloped with someone else or not. But you have to know how to do it effectively.

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