Yoga and Health Yoga For Profit

By Stewart Haynes

The number of people practicing Yoga has probably never been higher. People are increasingly realising that there is a branch of Yoga that suits the vast majority regardless of their age and general state of health.

If you have been practising Yoga for some time, and have the commitment, there is no reason why you should not consider teaching it. As with any business there are many levels and Yoga is no exception. If you are highly experienced already it would make sense to take a teaching qualification. If you are slightly less experienced and without a qualification you can still make money.

The entry level into teaching Yoga could perhaps be teaching what you know to friends and acquaintances in the comfort of your own home. This won’t make you rich but may very well bring in the extra money that would make a positive difference to your income. The beauty of doing it this way is that you would have no overheads to pay. Working with friends you will be more at ease than if you immediately started teaching strangers.

A far riskier strategy, one that requires a great deal of thought, would be to open your own studio. Any new business is most at risk in its first year because of bills like rent and local taxes. There is also the fact that as a new business, coming from a standing start, you will have to find clients quickly. To do this you will have to advertise, which in itself is expensive. My own view is that the route to your new studio should be via a teaching position with another studio. Having prior knowledge of how things work can only be to the good and will definitely save you money.

If you have ever considered teaching Yoga, whatever ever level you are at, you may benefit from looking at the resource below. There are many article there that cover almost the whole spectrum that is Yoga. On visiting the site you will find a whole host of Yoga articles. The last two of these deal with teaching Yoga for a living. Be sure to read them.

Yoga for Profit.

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