5 Quick Tips to STOP Hot Flashes Ruining Your Sleep Because They Have Caused Night Sweats

By Andie Andersonand Deborah Percy

1 of the pre-menopause symptoms is 1 to many, I am sure many women will agree with me there. Night sweats are one of the worst, and usually caused from hot flashes. If you can stop hot flashes by implementing a few little tips your already half way there. Now relax, and take a deep breath, I am going to show you how to increase your chances of a good night sleep by addressing heavy night sweat issues. You can implement these A- S – A – P

To Stop Hot Flashes keeping you up at night keep be sure to make the room cool.

Night Sweats – Pre menopause symptoms

Night sweats are usually associated with hot flashes, you DO suddenly wake up feeling very cold and WET, in fact you could be sweating that much you end up lying in a pool of water, besides this being very uncomfortable, it is disturbing your sleep, night after night. This WILL cause other issues such as exhaustion, and anxiety. You DO NOT want to go there as well. So now you know how important this is to fix this issue NOW.

Firstly lets understand what a hot flash is, it is a sudden hot sensation that you will usually feel firstly on your face, than upper body. Sometime followed by a rapid heart beat just as another added bonus, this usually indicates that a hot flash is arriving. Generally you could get red cheeks, and most definitely HEAVY sweating will follow. Of course this can varies from woman to woman.

What causes hot flashes?

Pre menopause symptoms, are caused because of a sudden change in hormones, estrogen levels drop and then you get hot flashes, which then cause night sweats and other unbearable symptoms.

5 instant tips to apply today to increase your chances of an interrupted sleep

  • Get your self some sleep wear that allows your body to breath and absorb liquid, these can be found at all good camping and hiking stores.
  • You can also take soy – based herbal supplements..
  • Try to put your air con on low, or have a fan close to you. If this is not possible have a window open to get a slight breeze.
  • Relaxation music to fall to sleep with is another great way to reduce your chances of waking up.
  • Have a light sheet under the bed cover so it can be peeled off quickly.

These are just a couple of things you can implement right now to Stop hot flashes ruining your night sleep

Click the link for Further resources to help with all pre menopause symptoms, and to know exactly what to do when you get night sweats. Alternatively you can get tricks to stop hot flashes interrupting your day, another 1 of those irritating pre menopause symptoms. Go natural the way nature intended it to be.

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