Are You Sure Youre Getting the Best Deals on Your Monthly Bills?

By Stephanie Foster

Any time you get a new service, you probably shopped around to be certain that you got the best deal for the price. You may not have always chosen the cheapest, but rather the best combination of services and cost that you could find for your area.

Have you reviewed it lately?

It can really pay to review what you’re spending on the various services you need around your home, such as cell phone contracts, internet services and so forth. The best deal last year isn’t always the best deal this year. And if you’re not stuck in a contract or it’s about to expire, you should think about if it’s time for a change.

Check the Package Deals

Many times but not every time you can get a package deal that covers a number of services for your needs around the home that is better than buying individual services. Other times buying just the services you need works best.

You may be able to combine home phone, cell phone, cable TV, DVR service and internet services onto one bill. You may do better to buy just a few of those from one company. Shop around and find out.

Take contract length into consideration. A two year contract may not be a bad deal if it saves you a good bit of money and you don’t plan on moving anytime soon. But find out what happens if you do move, just in case. Life has a funny way of catching us off guard.

Check Your Insurance

How are the rates on your car insurance? Homeowners or renters insurance? Has your situation changed in any way that could change your rates for the better?

Credit Cards

What are your credit cards costing you? With all the recent changes, did your rates go up? Any new fees?

Shopping around for a better deal on your credit cards can save you quite a bit, especially if you’re still trying to pay off a balance. Best is always to get rid of the balance, but this is real life and that isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Matter of fact, sometimes it’s really miserably hard.

You won’t have control over what some of your bills cost you, aside from cutting back on how much you use the service. You don’t exactly have a lot of say in what your water costs you, for example. Only way to cut that bill is to use less water. Other household bills are similar.

But when you have control over the basic costs, take advantage. Shop around and bring your costs down where you can while still getting what you need.

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