From Dating to a Serious Relationship

By Matthew Lee Potter

Trying to get the person you really like to start a serious relationship can be a struggle, as many of us in today’s world enjoy our independence, freedom and meeting loads of different people of the opposite sex. Therefore, you will need to work smarter and not so hard. Many people today try the ‘friendship approach’, even though you may just be courting with that person, it is important you are there as a friend. Effective communication and trust play a key role if you want to build a solid foundation for a proper relationship.

What you do not want to do is pressure the woman or man you are currently dating into something more serious, as this will more than likely push them in the other direction. Furthermore, constantly pressurising the person you want to be with, could cause them to disconnect from you completely, as they may feel suffocated, confused and nervous, so try to keep your distance.

Humans believe it or not can sense things very well, especially as it is in our biological nature to settle down and start a family. We do like the chase and enjoy a few healthy mind games here and there. This can be healthy and will spice things up, so that the other person remains interested in us. However, mind games can be quite dangerous and you could put the person off, so be sure to do this only when you feel it is appropriate, depending on the persons’ character.

Many people are attracted to independent, strong minded individuals that can look after themselves. So, this is where you take control of the situation and show them what you are made of. Firstly, show him or her that you still enjoy doing all the things you did before and just because you are dating it does not mean everything else should stop around you. On a weekend make sure you spend time with family and friends. Spending time with family will definitely show them you a loving, attentive person who has a strong bond and who knows about commitment. Furthermore, if he or she asks you if you want to go out the weekend, but you have already made plans to go out with your friends, do not be afraid to reject them once in a while. Show them that friends matter to you, as this will strongly indicate to them that you enjoy your own space now and again.

If you feel still feel that none of this is working and you are wasting your time, then it is better to let go of that person. Life is short and you do not want to be wasting too much time on someone that does not feel the way about you.

The most important thing of all is be yourself and let them love you for who you are and not someone else, because sooner or later your true colours will shine on through.

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