Google AdSense and Amazon Associates 2 Great Opportunities to Make a Lot of Money Online

By Wade Davis

Two of the real giants online, Google and Amazon, provide everyone a great opportunity to make money through their various programs. The Google AdSense program allows content publishers to make money by delivering targeted visitors to Google’s advertisers. The Amazon Associates program is an affiliate program that pays great commissions for referrals of their products. Using a combination of both is a great strategy to make long-term income online.

Google AdSense may be one of simplest ways to make money that exists on the Internet. All you have to do is put a simple piece of code on your website and Google pays you for every click or visitor that they get on their placed advertisements. So if you already have a working blog or website that receives traffic on a constant basis you just have to put the Google ads up and you will instantly start making money.

There are a few different methods that you can use to optimize how much money you make with the Google AdSense program. For example make your ads noticeable by keeping them above the fold and through the color schemes you choose with the ads. Make them look like a part of your content but something that the visitor might want to click on. Setting your ads up on a bank of websites will increase your earnings even more.

Amazon Associates works much the same way as Google AdSense. You only need to include a piece of code to get people to go to Amazon and buy their products so you can earn commissions. You can add an aStore to your website where visitors can shop for products directly on your website or you can write reviews of products and place links to Amazon so the visitor can go to Amazon to buy the product. Either way you get paid by delivering the paying customer.

Going after product keywords and product websites will help you get more targeted visitors to deliver to Amazon. It may even be wise to buy product related domain names so people will recognize your domain name as the product they are looking for and thus be more willing to buy once they get to your website or to Amazon.

Both Amazon and Google are great opportunities for all of us to make some serious cash. Using a combination of both programs will only raise your income potential even more.

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