How Do I Make Any Guy Admire Me? Here Are the Secrets to Make Any Guy Like You Real Fast

By Russell Jackson

Everybody wants to be liked, especially if we are talking about the opposite gender. At some point, we have in us a desire to be liked generally. To make a girl like you, you need to show her that you are a good guy and that your intentions are all for the best.

If you are a girl who would want to make a guy like you, you have to be more detailed. Guys vary in terms of what they like in a girl. Simply put, not all men like the same things. However, below are some of the general and usual traits that will make a guy like you.

Develop an appealing and admirable personality.
They say that beauty fades but personality remains. Nothing can be truer. It is true that it is physical beauty that will catch a guy’s attention first, but it is a woman’s personality that will make him stay.

Speak to him with your gestures.
It is intimidating for a man to approach an attractive woman. So if you like this guy, at least be known in your gestures that you are also interested in him. A guy who likes you will follow on with the next steps.

Show that you care for him.
Any guy would want to be taken care of. They want to know that you are interested in them genuinely. You can show your genuine care when they speak about themselves, listen to them and take interest in what they like.

Do not try too hard or you’d lose him.
If you are in a relationship, do not push everything to be perfect. You will only burden yourself and your partner by doing so. If you are not in a relationship, maintain a stature of being cool. Men want to enjoy life while they’re actually living it-follow his lead and you’ll earn his respect.

Do not take him for granted-ever.
Of course, you might want to play the whole chasing game. But keep everything at bay. You don’t want him to get the wrong idea that you are not interested. If he senses that, he will swim off to the next welcoming ocean.

Be around especially when he needs you the most.
It is easy to notice someone when he or she is around. We’re not talking about stalking him everyday. But simple gestures like texting him or dropping a call would make your presence felt and would keep you within his radar.

Make your presence felt.
After being present around him, you need to make him feel your presence. You do this by being unavailable sometimes. When he is used to getting every other day text messages from you, take a break for at least a week. Make him feel your absence, by doing so, you also make him miss your being there.

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