How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Package

By Shane Mansel

The best and foremost idea concerning web hosting is to do plenty of comparison shopping. There are so many to choose from, it’s hard to find with just a few looks. You want the right one for your site. First of all, you need to be able to afford it, and secondly, it needs to provide you with all the tools you need to be successful. You can chat with people in forums and get all kinds of information. Many of these people have experience with web hosting companies, and can really save you some headaches.

Read the Small Print

Always be sure to read all the information you can about a company before you consider them as a candidate for your business. See what all they offer and for how much. Many times they make what sounds like great offers up-front, but later on you find that if you’d read the terms and conditions, you could have saved some problems. It’s up to you to get the service you need, so don’t half step on this.

Site Administration

You might want to ask questions like – does this hosting company have a backup site? If they don’t have one of these backup facilities, get away fast, potential disaster looms near. Do they have a control panel that’s easy to operate and easy to read? And find out who the host server is. This may seem a bit trivial, but trying to communicate with servers in a different time zone can be a real headache.

Resource Limits

What about the disk space? Is there a limit? Can you purchase more if you should need it? It’s amazing how much you’ll need when comparing right now and when your business takes off. The difference can be quite substantial. Consider things like PHP, FTP, Perl, SSH, sub domains, and statistics. You’ll need to have these kinds of tools available to ensure your own success. So do your homework, and shop around until you find the one you’re comfortable with.

Amount Of Bandwidth

Find out about what type of connection you’re going to have with your provider. Know exactly what it is that you’ll be paying for. Will they offer you upgrades? Because if your business takes off, and begins to grow, then you’re going to need more bandwidth. So look at your hosting company from the future perspective, and make sure you feel good about them helping you once you’re off an running.

Level Of Support

Can they offer you fast, friendly, and effective support? Do you have very much control in regards to the hardware? If you have a dedicated server and it fails to respond, you’re going to need to reboot it quickly, or at least have your host do it so you can stay up and keep it visible and accessible to visitors. Is your server a managed server? This type of thing affects your up-time. All these things need to be taken in consideration when you search for your web hosting needs.

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