How to Get a Guy to Kiss You Without Any Hesitation! This Will Get You Super Fast Results Today

By Russell Jackson

This rather pleasant experiment should always start with a trip to the dentist. Seriously! You need to know and be confident that your breath smells sweet and your teeth and lips look endearingly kissable. So, book that appointment, and the try these ideas.


Do you have a lovely smile? Can you smile with your eyes? Models do this a lot of times because this is what separates the top models from the trying-hard-to-be-a-model. Use your smile to draw in a man. If you can, avoid the heavy lipstick, gooey smackers and lip gloss, and try to make your lips look as naturally appealing as can be without the heavy make-up.

Have great breath

Once you start to get physically closer to a man, the only thing that could jerk him away at this point would be your breath. Always have breath mints in your pocket or bag, so it does not matter what you ate, you can easily remedy it with a nice mint.

Offer him the mint

You know, if a guy sees you popping a mint while you stare at his lips, he will get the message. It will definitely be a home run if he accepts the mint you offer him. For all you know, the reason he hasn’t kissed you yet is because he’s not sure of his breath.

Touch him

Intimacy starts with small finger brushes, accidental skin to skin grazing, and you gently holding on to him for the slightest reason like being in a crowd, or crossing the street. You need to physically make contact with him any way you can without appearing too aggressive. This is the start of the build-up of excitement, and it can should end with at least one delicious kiss.

Lick your lips

One of the most effective ways to draw attention to your kissable mouth is by licking your lips. Try it, but make sure he’s looking at you when you do it.

Wipe his mouth

You can only do this if you are having a meal together and he gets some sauce on his face or mouth. Use your fingertips if you are seated beside him, or lean over and use a table napkin. Gently stroke his face while wiping the sauce off without breaking eye contact.

Suck on something

Want him to think of kissing you? Try sucking on something. It could be ice cream, a lollipop, or even your finger. Absolutely sensual and suggestive.

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