How to Get a Shy Guy to Open Up! Follow These Tips and Watch Him Easily Open Up to You

By Russell Jackson

The ultimate challenge – Mr. Cutie is a shy baby. It can only get better if you work it, and boy, will it work if you try some of these neat ideas on how to draw out a shy guy.

Share some jokes

With shy guys, it would be better off to stay away from extreme jokes, and just stick to the corny ones, at least initially. Avoid sexy jokes because it could offend him, so try some funny knock-knock jokes or jokes ala Jay Leno.

Ask questions

Shy people need prompting, no pressure questions will do the trick. Of course, avoid asking questions that require lengthy answers as well as intimate, personal questions that ask too much information. What you have to realize is that he is shy for a reason. It could be he’s ashamed of his overbite, or he has a slight stutter, so avoid judgment calls.

Don’t be loud

Don’t call attention to yourself because shy people detest this. They would prefer to blend in instead of stand out, and so they will not want to talk to a loud person. Speak in normal tones, and listen to the answers. What’s even more important is that you get him to consider looking and talking to you, not running off in fear of you.

Give him a drink

This is a good way to help loosen him up, just don’t get him drunk because shy people are very unpredictable when they are out of their element. Save it for when you’re alone and both interested in each other. For now, you just need to get to know him, and so a glass of wine of bottle of beer should do the trick.

Share a secret

Many shy people are this way also because they feel our of place. If they know they’ve got a friend, you will not have too much to worry about. Why not share a not-too-intimate secret with him, and get him in the mood to be more accepting of the people around him – like you!

Be persistent

In the movies, the girl who like to chatter away or sit beside the shy guy and just bug him to death will get her man. It does not work immediately, but it will get a reaction from him eventually. Hopefully, sooner than later.

Show concern

Most shy people have really good discernment, and this means if you are going to try this, it better be honest. They can tell when you’re faking it or you really care.

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